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“20th Century Women” gets a warm Teaser Trailer

20th century women
Lost a bit in the shuffle last week was the debut of the First Trailer for Mike Mills’ 20th Century Women. This film, which is set to screen in a few days at the New York Film Festival, is one of the remaining X factors in the awards race. This lighter contender could really stand out from the pack, if the quality is there. That will be revealed at NYFF at the end of the week, so for the moment, it’s purely speculation. We do have this Trailer to gaze upon, and of course it will be available at the bottom of this article. First though…some discussion is appropriate!

In case you’re totally unaware of what this is about, let me help a bit. The film is a comedy/dramedy centered around a trio of women in Southern California during the late 1970s who experience both freedom and love in all of its forms. This all happens while they provide lessons to a teenage boy. The lead appears to be single mother Dorothea Fields (Annette Bening), with the other two women being artist Abbie (Greta Gerwig) and teenager Julie (Elle Fanning), the friend of Dorothea’s son Jamie (Lucas Jade Zumann). Also of note here is a carpenter (Billy Crudup) who lives in the bohemian house with Dorothea, Jamie, and Abbie. Mills writes and directs, with other cast members here including Alia Shawkat, Laura Wiggins, and more. Sean Porter handles the cinematography. Like I said when it was first announced as an NYFF debut, it all sounds very promising.

What I like from the looks of this one is how warm is feels, at least going by that Trailer. The acting looks to be top notch, while the aesthetic fits with what Mills has done so far to date. Bening, who as we all know is over due for an Academy Award, appears to be in fine form especially. It’s not clear if this will be purely a showcase for her or not, but at the very least it seems to be a performance that voters could eat up. The NYFF Centerpiece Selection only helps there, giving it an even higher profile.

Awards wise, there’s a chance for this to be a significant player. If all goes well for 20th Century Women, look for it to compete in Best Picture, Best Director (for Mills), Best Actress (for Bening), Best Supporting Actor (for Crudup and/or Zumann), Best Supporting Actress (for Fanning and/or Gerwig), and Best Original Screenplay (also for Mills) when the precursor season rolls around. A lot depends on how the reception at the festival goes, but I suspect it will at least somewhat of a contender. Odds are, it could mainly be a thing in Actress and Original Screenplay, but anything is possible right at this moment.

As you’ll see now with that aforementioned Trailer, 20th Century Women is potentially something really nice in this year’s awards race. Mills and company at the very least have made what appears to be a quite charming film. I’ll have a better idea when it screens for the first time on Friday, in terms of the movie’s quality, but it definitely is worthy of some consideration. My thoughts on it might potentially be reflected in an update to my Oscar predictions next week, so keep an eye out for that. For now, take a gander at that Trailer below and see what you think. Sit tight, as the season might have a big new contender on its hands…

Here now, as promised, is the Trailer for 20th Century Women:

Stay tuned for lots more on 20th Century Women over the course of the season!

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