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Potential snubs to consider in anticipation of the Academy Award nominations
As much as I’ve been spending the last few months (a full year, actually) really concentrating on who and what will be getting Oscar nominations, there’s another side to that coin. Namely, there’s always a few big snubs on nomination morning. The Academy Awards are notorious for random omissions, so next week will almost certainly be one or two. Today, I am going to be speculating on what those might be. Remember, these are just guesses on my part and there’s really no indicators that these will happen. For the moment, they’re just purely shots in the dark. We could be in for a morning filled with unexpected nominations, or perhaps a more conservative and widely predicted lineup. Anyway, let us now take a look at a handful of potential snubs that could be in the cards…

Here are five big snubs to look out for next week:

Fences in Best Picture and/or Best Adapted Screenplay – This isn’t particularly likely, but if there’s a major contender that could fall just short in some big categories, it could be this one from Denzel Washington. Oddly, there’s a better chance that it misses in Picture than Adapted Screenplay. Go figure. Washington is a lock for a Best Actor nomination and Viola Davis is winning Best Supporting Actress, so it’s just a matter of if the movie hits in the other places. Watch out for a shocking miss in Picture. I won’t predict it, but there’s a small chance it could happen.

Silence getting shut out – A year ago this would have seemed silly to even suggest, but there’s a chance Martin Scorsese’s passion project is completely passed over by voters. Right now I only have it nominated in Best Cinematography, so this probably way more likely than a lot of these other speculative snubs. It’s right on the cusp in a number of categories, but depending on how the vote shakes out, there’s a legitimate shot at this one going 0 for the morning. Cinematography is its firewall, presumably. If that doesn’t happen, all bets are off.

Denis Villenueve in Best Director – The odds favor Arrival doing very well, though one place it could be in for an unpleasant surprise is the Best Director category. Denis Villenueve may end up the only member of the Directors Guild nominees not to make it in here. Someone from the DGA lineup is going to miss, and it’s usually a more notable contender, which puts the Arrival filmmaker at more risk than a Garth Davis, for example. We shall see…

Dev Patel and/or Lucas Hedges in Best Supporting Actor – With the sudden emergence of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as a viable possibility here, someone is going to get snubbed. Patel probably is a long shot, but Hedges could well end up on the outside looking in when all is said and done. Both have stronger coattails than Taylor-Johnson, which helps, though unless Hugh Grant ends up on the outside looking in for Florence Foster Jenkins, one of these gentlemen is not going to wind up a first time Academy Award nominee.

Sing Street in Best Original Song – This would be the most painful snub of the lot, if you ask me. There’s realistically only going to be “Drive It Like You Stole It” or maybe “Go Now” in contention, but both deserve to be in. Other Original Song players with multiple tunes in play like La La Land and Moana increase the likelihood that a John Carney musical misses for the first time. Right now, it’s basically a crapshoot, as La La Land seems to have the category on lockdown anyway.

Stay tuned to see if any of these snubs go down when nominations are announced!

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