Best and Worst moments from the 89th Academy Awards

To close be book on the Oscars that just concluded, it makes perfect sense to look at the highlights and lowlights, as it were. Every single year, we get both, as you might imagine. This year, however, both seemed to stand out a little more than usual. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is probably in the eye of the beholder, but a boring ceremony, it sure wasn’t. As such, I’ve got a handful of both to share with you today, while the wounds, as they were, are still fresh. Soon, we’ll be focused fully on 2017 releases, but this is one more look back.

Below you will see the parts of the Academy Award telecast that were tip top and the ones that were, well, shall we say…regrettable? Both occurred, so why not be up front about it? There were two specific things that I would love to see Oscar continue going forward, while there’s one thing that I hope was a singular experiment gone wrong. All will be revealed shortly, but that’s just a tease. Also, it’s just my two cents on the matter at hand. Your mileage may vary, and very well might. Anyway, now on to the heart of the matter. Behold…

Here now are the best and worst moments from the Oscar ceremony:


Jimmy Kimmel – Easily the best Oscar host in some time, Jimmy Kimmel was terrific. He was able to never make it about himself, have fun, while still be incredibly funny. Kimmel handled the job was good humor, poise, and an ease that’s very difficult to pull off. He even came out clean when the proverbial shit was hitting the fan. He should be back to host next year, at the very least. Kimmel is a keeper, that’s for sure.

Opening with a nominated song – This should be copied whenever a popular song is up for an Academy Award. Justin Timberlake performing Can’t Stop The Feeling from Trolls was a real upper as the program began. That sort of tune isn’t always in play, but when it is, this is an absolute no brainer. It didn’t detract from the host’s opening monologue, so it all just worked perfectly. Kudos to whomever came up with that idea. It was a near genius one.

The most unique Best Picture winner ever – Controversy aside, it’s a great thing that Moonlight is a Best Picture winner. Sure, many (myself included) preferred La La Land, but the Academy cited something they never have in the past. The first all black cast to win, the first LGBT film to win, and one of the smallest movies ever to win. It’s a watershed mark for Oscar.

The overall excitement – As the night went on, the odds of La La Land taking the top prizes went back and forth. The Academy Awards, especially if you’re a pundit, can often feel anticlimactic. That wasn’t the case here. Running the table quickly became a thing of the past, leading to some real exciting moments and actual tension.


The Best Picture chaos – There’s no getting around it…the screw up with the envelopes was terrible and a huge embarrassment. We’ve all discussed it enough, but it was just a huge black cloud on an otherwise excellent night. It’ll be a punchline for years to come though, no way of getting around that.

The tourist bit – The only Kimmel related thing that didn’t work was the extended bit with the tour bus folks walking in on the show. An otherwise tight program dragged because of it. Cut that out and it would have been a basically flawless performance by Kimmel and perhaps the best produced Oscar telecast in memory.

Stay tuned to see what the best and worst moments next year will be at the 90th Academy Awards!

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