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Alec Baldwin is having a career resurgence on the big and small screen

There’s something inherently pleasurable about seeing actors or actresses see a second or third act to their career bring them to previously unseen heights. For Alec Baldwin, he’s seen his career begin as an A-list movie star, then transition to huge television icon. Now, he’s back on the small screen, while testing out the limits of leading man status on the big screen once again. It all sort of comes together to really showcase just how big Baldwin has actually hit it. You don’t always think of him as a huge star, but this past year has really brought him back into the fold. Baldwin’s star is once again really on the rise.

This week, Baldwin lends his voice to The Boss Baby, an animated comedy featuring him as a very unusual infant. It’s not a good film in the least, but if there’s a best part to it, it’s Baldwin combining his Glengarry Glen Ross character with that of a child. He also has a film playing at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival called Paris Can Wait, which is a romantic dramedy that he has the lead role in. This comes on the heels of some recent work with Woody Allen, as well as other smaller turns on the big screen. All of it has helped get him back to where he is today.

On television, Baldwin has somehow upped his awards laden work on 30 Rock by cameoing frequently on Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump. Lampooning a President or Presidential candidate has always been a staple of SNL, but not in almost a decade has someone been as good as Baldwin at it. His portrait of Trump was instantly iconic, and will rank among SNL’s all time best impersonations. There’s something about it that just works. Plus, it’s a welcome bit of levity for folks who otherwise might just spend their days seething in rage at the actions of the real Trump. You wouldn’t think he could have upped his game from 30 Rock, but Baldwin actually did.

Baldwin is the sort of actor who can do both comedy and drama with equal skill. Lately, it’s been his comedic timing really shining through, as you can see with the things mentioned above. He’s finally getting appreciated in a way that he deserves, and that’s great to see. The Boss Baby isn’t the best showcase of his talents, nowhere near like SNL is doing for him, but it’s the mark of a star. The turn in this cartoon will be quickly forgotten about, but future roles won’t be. Mark my words there. With only one Academy Award nomination to his credit (for Best Supporting Actor in The Cooler), Baldwin could have another date with Oscar one of these days.

Here’s how I would rank Baldwin’s ten best theatrical performances so far:

10. Blue Jasmine
9. The Hunt for Red October
8. Mini’s First Time
7. State and Main
6. The Aviator
5. Malice
4. The Departed
3. Glengarry Glen Ross
2. Ghosts of Mississippi
1. The Cooler

Honorable Mentions: Brooklyn Rules, Elizabethtown, It’s Complicated, The Last Shot, Still Alice, and To Rome With Love

At this point, Baldwin is becoming a bit of a national treasure. His appearances on SNL are consistently water cooler talk and delivering huge (no pun intended) ratings. This A-list star is seeing as bright a day as ever before. The future should hold some terrific things for the man. If nothing else, he has years ahead of him skewering Trump to an adoring audience. Baldwin has his new bit of voice work to entertain children, while adults can look to SNL and beyond for laughs. Suffice to say, it’s a good time to be Baldwin right now. He’s absolutely killing it…

Look for Baldwin on Saturday Night Live every so often and check out The Boss Baby if you’re desperate for more of him!

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