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“Between Us” and “Logan”: The Best of the First Quarter of 2017

Much like I seem to find myself saying around this point each and every single year…time really flies. Believe it or not, we’re now a full three months into the 2017 movie calendar, which means we’re literally a quarter of the way through the film slate for the year. Wow. That got me thinking about what the best of the bunch so far this year has been. Since now is the time when the film slate begins to transition into summer releases and counter programming independent fare ramps up, I thought it was the perfect time to praise the best of 2017 so far. Basically, anything that hit screens between January 1st and March 31st will be up for grabs here for my personal honors. Once again, here goes nothing!

So far, 2017 has been on the weaker side of things, at least in my humble opinion. There’s been a few legitimately great films, but the quantity hasn’t matched up. It’s a top heavy year so far. Things like Get Out and Logan got widespread acclaim, while smaller things like Between Us and Dark Night were criminally under seen, but the whole slate has left a little bit to be desired. I’m sure things will improve soon enough, but for now, this hasn’t been a quarter to particularly write home about. It’ll all work itself out eventually, so as long as 2017 improves from here, we’ll be more than alright. Sit tight!

Here we go. Below you’ll find my top ten of the year so far, along with my awards for the first quarter of 2017. Here you go, and enjoy:

10. Personal Shopper
9. Table 19
8. Dark Night
7. Youth in Oregon
6. The Last Laugh
5. I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore
4. Get Out
3. The LEGO Batman Movie
2. Between Us
1. Logan

Honorable Mentions: The Founder, Kong: Skull Island, The Last Word, Prevenge, and Raw

Special Examptions: Dean and The Lost City of Z (seen earlier this year/last year but not out until later on in the year)

Here also are my top ten performances of the year so far:

10. Ben Feldman in Between Us
9. Anna Kendrick in Table 19
8. Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out
7. Frank Langella in Youth in Oregon
6. Daphne Keen in Logan
5. Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper
4. Hugh Jackman in Logan
3. Melanie Lynsky in I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore
2. Patrick Stewart in Logan
1. Olivia Thirlby in Between Us

Honorable Mention: Billy Crudup in Youth in Oregon, Adam Goldberg in Between Us, Michael Keaton in The Founder, Garance Marillier, Craig Robinson in Table 19, and Analeigh Tipton in Between Us

Most Underrated: Between Us
Most Overrated: Split

As you might have guessed, my number one pick above would be my choice for Best Picture so far (with number two the runner up, and so on, but here are the other awards I would give out…

Best Director: James Mangold for Logan (runner up: Rafael Palacio Illingworth for Between Us and Jordan Peele for Get Out)

Best Actor: Hugh Jackman for Logan (runner up: Ben Feldman for Between Us and Frank Langella for Youth in Oregon)

Best Actress: Olivia Thirlby for Between Us (runner up: Melanie Lynsky for I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore and Kristen Stewart for Personal Shopper)

Best Supporting Actor: Patrick Stewart for Logan (runner up: Adam Goldberg for Between Us and Craig Robinson for Table 19)

Best Supporting Actress: Daphne Keen for Logan (runner up: Hayden Panettiere for Custody and Analeigh Tipton for Between Us)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Logan (runner up: The LEGO Batman Movie and N/A)

Best Original Screenplay: Between Us (runner up: Get Out and I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore)

Best Ensemble: Logan (runner up: Between Us and Table 19)

Best Animated Feature: The LEGO Batman Movie (no runner ups)

Best Documentary Feature: The Last Laugh (no runner ups)

Best Foreign Language Feature: Raw (no runner ups)

Best Production Design: Logan (runner up: Get Out and I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore)

Best Cinematography: Between Us (runner up: Get Out and Logan)

Best Costume Design: Table 19 (runner up: Kong: Skull Island and Logan)

Best Film Editing: Logan (runner up: Between Us and Get Out)

Best Makeup: Logan (runner up: Kong: Skull Island and Split)

Best Sound: Logan (runner up: Kong: Skull Island and The LEGO Batman Movie)

Best Original Score: Logan (runner up: Get Out and Split)

Best Original Song: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever from Fifty Shades Darker (no runner ups)

Best Visual Effects: Logan (runner up: The LEGO Batman Movie and Kong: Skull Island)

There you go ladies and gentlemen…now to eagerly await the next quarter of cinematic releases!

About Joey Magidson

A graduate of Stony Brook University (where he studied Cinema and Cultural Studies), resides in Brooklyn, New York. He contributes to several other film-related websites and is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

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