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Amy Adams and Bruce Dern: Who are the most overdue to win an Oscar?

As you ladies and gentlemen all know by now, plenty of folks in the industry can go a whole career without ever winning an Oscar. As such, that makes for a ton of heavyweights in Hollywood who are very overdue for wins. Much like I did last week with people who have never been nominated, I’m going to be citing today ten actors or actresses who have yet to win Oscars but deserve to already have one on their mantle. All of these previous nominees were in contention at some point recently, believe it or not, and many will hopefully be winners within the next few years. Keep in mind that this is just my humble opinion, but take a look below at who I think is the most overdue for a little gold man…

Here now are ten actors and actresses who are overdue for an Academy Award:

10. Michael Keaton – With a recent career resurgence, Keaton has become someone who, despite only having one nomination to his credit, could easily be seen as due for a win. Part of it is how close he came his first time out for Birdman and how apt a win would have been, but also he’s just so well liked in Hollywood it simply makes sense. Plus, he was absolutely snubbed for Spotlight and was nomination worthy in The Founder. Taking the villain role in Spider-Man: Homecoming keeps him on the A list, with hopefully another shot at a victory in the near future.

9. Ryan Gosling – Over the years, Gosling has been arguably one of the best young actors in Hollywood. With two nominations now to his credit, it’s become time to award him with an Oscar. Last year he nearly was in a Best Picture winner with La La Land, further moving the needle in his direction. There’s just too much talent in this man to not have it eventually happen. Some of his snubbed performances, like in Blue Valentine or Lars and the Real Girl, have been worthy of wins on their own. His time is coming, and probably soon. That Neil Armstrong biopic he has planned with Damien Chazelle seems might baity, doesn’t it?

8. Annette Bening – Last year, Bening was snubbed for 20th Century Women, again preventing her from taking home the golden statue. American Beauty was probably the nomination she came the closest for, but she came up short there. If she continues to do the type of work that she’s known for, it should eventually happen. Even if it just winds up as a career acknowledgment type of thing for a slightly lesser role, an Oscar is an Oscar, right? Right.

7. Michael Fassbender – It took voters a bit to catch up with Fassbender, but now that he has multiple nominations, it’s only a matter of time until they reward him. Fassbender was up for Best Actor pretty recently for Steve Jobs, but he obviously came up short in regards to the win. That being said, he’s now clearly one of the more due actors in Hollywood for an Oscar. Watch out for a win in the next five years, almost certainly. I’d be shocked if it didn’t happen, frankly.

6. Michelle Williams – Always a bridesmaid, one of the these days Williams will truly be an Oscar bride. Perhaps later on this year she’ll finally get the win, but it’s seemed inevitable for her almost since her initial nod. Whether her next nom gets it done or not remains to be seen, but she’s doing the sort of work that will have to be acknowledged before too long. The Greatest Showman in 2017 could be her time, coming hot on the heels of Manchester by the Sea. Keep a close eye on her this year…

5. Jake Gyllenhaal – Few in the industry are doing as strong work as Gyllenhaal is currently doing. The fact that he only has one nomination is criminal, especially when he was snubbed for such riveting work as Nightcrawler and Prisoners. Considering that sole citation, the fact that he’s among the five most overdue folks in the business is really quite something. He’s picking Academy Award friendly roles, so with many people on this list, it’s just a matter of time!

4. Jessica Chastain – Few actresses get snubbed as often over a short period of time as Chastain has been, despite having two citations on her resume already. Perhaps her recent supporting turns in Interstellar, The Martian, and A Most Violent Year were always going to be a hard sell for the Academy, but she’s almost always nomination worthy, regardless of the project. As such, she’s probably the most overdue actress for a win in the business right now. Molly’s Game this year puts her into frontrunner status early on…

3. Mark Ruffalo – Each year, we seem to get closer and closer to Ruffalo finally taking the trophy. He has three nominations so far, all in Best Supporting Actor, and seemed prime to win at one point for Spotlight. He didn’t pull it off, but it seems more likely that ever that he won’t come up just short forever. To that end, mark him down as officially hugely overdue for an Academy Award. It’ll happen, Ruffalo just needs to wait a little bit longer.

2. Amy Adams – One of the odder things in terms of Adams’ chances at an Academy Award is that she never seems like the runner up. That’ll eventually change, likely in a big way, but ever nomination has placed her in what felt like third place or so. One assumes that when it happens, she’ll just waltz to Oscar night, essentially undefeated during the precursors. It’s in the cards, I can feel it. It’s just a matter of when. That’ll be something, right?

1. Bruce Dern – Once again, I’m here to make the case that Dern is as overdue an Oscar as anyone in the industry. He only has two nominations in his career, which is a crime in and of itself. At one point, he seemed like the odds on favorite in Supporting Actor recently for his work in The Hateful Eight, but he just got lost in the shuffle that year. That takes nothing away from his work and I remain fully confident that he’s going to be on stage before too long. He’s just too strong of an actor to be continuously denied. Watch out for Chappaquiddick potentially this year. If not, there’s possibly White Boy Rick in 2018, which sounds incredibly baity. There’s an Academy Award winning performance within this legend, that much is certain. It’s just a matter of if the right filmmaker will find it in the near future or not. Regardless, no one in Hollywood is more deserving of the time in the Oscar spotlight than this man.

Honorable Mentions: Joan Allen, Glenn Close, Bradley Cooper, Tom Cruise, Laura Dern, Laura Linney, Rooney Mara, Carey Mulligan, Ellen Page, and Will Smith

Stay tuned to see which of these talented actors and actresses can potentially win Oscars in the coming years!

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