Trailer for “Stronger” suggests a Jake Gyllenhaal powerhouse performance

Last week, we got a Trailer for filmmaker David Gordon Green’s next movie, the Boston Marathon related biopic Stronger. It seems like a big time showcase for Jake Gyllenhaal and could be tailor made to score him some Oscar attention. The film is coming a year after Patriots Day did justice to the tragedy, though this project seems to be more intimately positioned. With a September 22nd release date currently scheduled, fall festivals may not fully be in play, but awards possibilities just might. More on that in a bit, and of course the Trailer will be found below, but first…it’s analysis time!

The film is a presumably feel good story in the end, centering on Jeff Bauman (Jake Gyllenhaal), a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. There to support his partner Erin Hurley (Tatiana Maslany), who is running in the race, he’s seriously injuring in the blast at the finish line. Having lost his legs, Jeff has to struggle to attempt to recover from the devastating trauma while also doing what he can to help the authorities track down the terrorists who committed the bombing. Triumph over tragedy is inevitable, but the path looks to be potentially very emotional. Gordon Green directs a script by John Pollono, who adapted Bauman’s book. Also in the cast are Clancy Brown and Miranda Richardson as Jeff’s parents, along with Frankie Shaw, among others. Michael Brook contributes the score, while Sean Bobbitt handles the cinematography.

From the looks of the Trailer, Gyllenhaal is gunning for an Oscar. From the Boston accent to the disability, it’s as showy a role as ever for him. He appears tremendously good though, especially the moment where he says “I Showed Up!” (an Oscar clip if ever there was one). The movie probably is mostly a showcase for him, but Gordon Green is such a talented filmmaker, he certainly can elevate this. The film will be his most overt attempt at a prestige picture, but he definitely appears up to the challenge. The combination here is potentially a rather fruitful one.

Speaking of awards, Stronger seems built to contend for some. Without question, Gyllenhaal will be the focus, but if the flick is good enough, across the board possibilities exist. In a perfect world, it will contend in Best Picture, Best Director (for Gordon Green), Best Actor (for Gyllenhaal), Best Actress/Best Supporting Actress (for Maslany), Best Supporting Actress (for Richardson), Best Adapted Screenplay (for Pollono), Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, Best Original Score, and Best Visual Effects. Clearly, Gyllenhaal in Actor is the play here. Maslany and/or Richardson could be possibilities too, but it starts and ends with Gyllenhaal. If he doesn’t contend, no one will. That’s my hunch, at least.

You can see the Trailer for Stronger next, but it does seem like one to keep in mind when contemplating potential Best Actor lineups. The movie will hit on September 22nd, which is about the time something like this will usually come out. We’ll have to see if it ends up moving to later in the year at all, or if it goes to any film festivals. For the moment, Stronger seems like it’s in a good position from Lionsgate and Open Road Films. Time will tell, but that Trailer suggests something that could be in major play. Take a look at it now, contemplate Gyllenhaal as a possible Best Actor contender, and sit tight for plenty more on it in the fall…

Here now is the aforementioned Trailer for Stronger:

Stay tuned for much more on Stronger in the months to come before its September release date!

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