Trailer for “Suburbicon” combines George Clooney, Madd Damon, and the Coen Brothers

Catching up on a Trailer debut from a few days ago here (we also got a Teaser for mother! yesterday, but there’s a full Trailer coming next week we’ll tackle). This one today is the major Oscar hopeful Suburbicon, coming to us as the latest directorial outing from George Clooney. Not only is Clooney teamed up with his partner Grant Heslov for this one, he also is working off of a script that the Coen Brothers once penned with an eye towards directing. You’ll be able to see this Trailer below, but first, you know the drill here…some discussion is in order.

The film is a pitch black crime comedy of sorts. So far, the description for it is simply that a home invasion rattles a quiet family town. The town is the town of Suburbicon, and Gardner (Matt Damon) is a father and husband drawn into some pretty nefarious goings on. They seem to intimately involve Margaret (Julianne Moore) as well as the mysterious Roger (Oscar Isaac). Hilarity and violence potentially ensue. Clooney has talked about toning down the Coen’s comedy aspects and making things angrier, so that might end up making for a more serious project than initially suggested. We shall see. Clooney directs and co-writes with Heslov, as well as Joel Coen and Ethan Coen. Also in the cast here are Gary Basaraba, Michael D. Cohen, Jack Conley, Megan Ferguson, Glenn Fleshler, Noah Jupe, and many more. Robert Elswit is behind the camera providing the cinematography, while the score is by Alexandre Desplat.

Judging just by this Trailer, the movie appears pretty quirky, and clearly from the minds of the Coens. They’re patented blend of comedy, drama, and violence seems to be in full effect. The question will be if Clooney and Heslov can properly harness it. When they’re on, you get a classic like Good Night and Good Luck, or an underrated gem like The Ides of March. There’s also more mixed bags like Leatherheads, so cross your fingers for the former as opposed to the latter. If so, then Oscar just might take notice. They do love their actors who also are filmmakers, after all.

Thinking about Academy Award potential, it could really end up boom or bust for Suburbicon. To be sure, a big campaign is in order, likely focusing on Best Picture, Best Director (for Clooney), Best Actor (for Damon), Best Supporting Actor (for Isaac), Best Supporting Actress (for Moore), Best Original Screenplay (for Clooney, the Coens, and Heslov), Best Production Design, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing, and Best Original Score. It’s hard to tell where the likely nominations might come from, but watch out for Isaac in Supporting Actor. Apparently, once upon a time when the Coen Brothers were still directing this, they wanted Clooney for that role. Just something to keep in mind.

The Trailer is next, but just know that Suburbicon will really make its bones in a month or so during the fall festival season. The flick is going to be one of the season’s more hotly anticipated titles. Either it turns into a real big player or falls short. We won’t know for a bit still, but the odds certainly favor a hit as opposed to a miss. Once we know what the team has in store for everyone, we’ll follow up. For now, take a look at the Trailer and sit tight for more. This is one we’re hardly done talking about. In fact, we’re just getting started…

Here now is the Trailer for Suburbicon:

Stay tuned for plenty more on Suburbicon over the next month or two!

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