The Best of the First Two Thirds of 2017

2017 is just flying by! As we have now wrapped up August and are charging headfirst into the month of September, I wanted to once again put a bow on everything that’s come before the impending fall festival season. That way, it could focus us more clearly on the awards contenders to come, all the while remembering the hopefuls from the parts of 2017 we’ve completed. As such, today I’m putting out my list of the best of the first third of the year so far. Below you’ll see what the first eight months have brought us, including some films seen at festivals as well as early year releases that the precursors will surely forget, sadly. I don’t have any titles that I’m embargoed on right now, so this is as close to an exhaustive look at everything that’s hit screens between January 1st and today as possible. Enjoy, and remember, this is simply what I feel has been the best of the year to date, based on the nearly 175 movies I’ve seen so far (oddly enough, next week has some huge titles I’ll be seeing, but it wouldn’t matter as they’re under embargo. Alas). Obviously, your mileage may vary, but this is how I’ve seen 2017 to date…

Here now are my ten favorite films of the year so far, covering the first two thirds of 2017:

10. The Beguiled
9. Spider-Man: Homecoming
8. Wind River
7. Logan
6. A Ghost Story
5. Detroit
4. The Big Sick
3. The Hero
2. Dunkirk
1. The Florida Project

Honorable Mention: Atomic Blonde, Between Us, Dean, The Discovery, Flower, Ingrid Goes West, The LEGO Batman Movie, Logan Lucky, Megan Leavey, and Wonder Woman

Next, on to the ten best performances of the first two thirds of 2017:

10. Hugh Jackman in Logan
9. Kate Mara in Megan Leavey
8. Zoe Kazan in The Big Sick
7. Patrick Stewart in Logan
6. Olivia Thirlby in Between Us
5. Brooklynn Prince in The Florida Project
4. Jeremy Renner in Wind River
3. Aubrey Plaza in Ingrid Goes West
2. Zoey Deutch in Flower
1. Sam Elliott in The Hero

Honorable Mention: Billy Crudup in Youth in Oregon, Willem Dafoe in The Florida Project, Elle Fanning in The Beguiled, Ben Feldman in Between Us, Adam Goldberg in Between Us, Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Holly Hunter in The Big Sick, Jake Johnson in Win It All, Daphne Keene in Logan, Frank Langella in Youth in Oregon, Melanie Lynsky in I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore, Rooney Mara in The Discovery and A Ghost Story, Kumail Nanjiani in The Big Sick, Nick Offerman in The Hero, Laura Prepon in The Hero, Ray Romano in The Big Sick, Kevin Spacey in Rebel in the Rye, Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper, Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde, and Analeigh Tipton in Between Us

Now, on to the awards for the first two thirds of the year so far…

(Obviously, my number one pick above would be my choice for Best Picture so far (with number two the runner up, and so on, but here are the other awards I would give out)

Best Director: Christopher Nolan for Dunkirk (runner up: Sean Baker for The Florida Project and David Lowery for A Ghost Story)

Best Actor: Sam Elliott for The Hero (runner up: Hugh Jackman for Logan and Jeremy Renner for Wind River)

Best Actress: Zoey Deutch for Flower (runner up: Aubrey Plaza for Ingrid Goes West and Brooklynn Prince for The Florida Project)

Best Supporting Actor: Patrick Stewart for Logan (runner up: Willem Dafoe for The Florida Project and Ray Romano in The Big Sick)

Best Supporting Actress: Zoe Kazan for The Big Sick (runner up: Daphne Keen for Logan and Laura Prepon for The Hero)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Logan (runner up: The Beguiled and Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Best Original Screenplay: The Big Sick (runner up: Detroit and The Hero)

Best Animated Feature: The Lego Batman Movie (runner up: Cars 3)

Best Documentary Feature: The Last Laugh (runner up: Nobody Speak: Trials of a Free Press and Risk)

Best Foreign Language Feature: 120 Beats Per Minute (runner up: Raw and The Square)

Best Production Design: Dunkirk (runner up: Logan and The Lost City of Z)

Best Cinematography: Dunkirk (runner up: The Beguiled and Detroit)

Best Costume Design: The Lost City of Z (runner up: The Beguiled and Dunkirk)

Best Film Editing: Dunkirk (runner up: Detroit and A Ghost Story)

Best Makeup: Logan (runner up: The Beguiled and Dunkirk)

Best Sound: Dunkirk (runner up: Logan and War for the Planet of the Apes)

Best Original Score: Dunkirk (runner up: The Hero and Marjorie Prime)

Best Original Song: The Hero from The Hero (runner up: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever from Fifty Shades Darker)

Best Visual Effects: War for the Planet of the Apes (runner up: Dunkirk and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.)

Best Ensemble: The Hero (runner up: The Big Sick and Detroit)

Here’s to a real exciting final third of the year!

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