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Will there be any horror films represented at the Oscars this year?

Happy Halloween everyone! In honor of this spooky holiday, it only seems right to look at the relationship shared between a certain genre and the awards season. Yes, today we’ll be diving in to the horror offerings this year and if any of them have a shot at Oscar glory. The high point for horror will always be The Silence of the Lambs dominating the ceremony. Aside from that, the honorees have been few and far between, simply put. The Silence of the Lambs taking Best Picture is an anomaly. 2017 won’t have that, but there’s a chance there won’t be a genre shut out. Read on below for more, and enjoy your Halloween…

Here now are five potential scary movies that could contend for some Academy Award love in 2017:

Get Out – Probably the most likely contender this year within the horror realm, Jordan Peele’s directorial debut has an outside chance of getting nominated for Best Picture. It’s going to do better than you’d think at the precursors, so it’ll have the citations that a nominee usually has. There’s also Peele in Best Original Screenplay, though those two categories are probably the only realistic places for it to slip in. Still, that’s very impressive for a genre film. Technically, this is labeled a “social thriller”, but it’s at least a hybrid horror flick.

(Most likely nomination for Get Out: Best Original Screenplay for Peele)

It – If box office comes into play at all here, watch out for this remake. The massive success (legitimate blockbuster status, which is unheard of) has probably gotten it at least into the minds of some campaigners. To be fair, the technical categories are the only places where it will vie for a nomination, and even those are less than likely. Still, a horror remake even being pondered below the line is something a bit unusual, to say the least.

(Most likely nomination for It: Best Visual Effects)

It Comes At Night – A real long shot, this is the independent horror player of 2017. Unless someone like Joel Edgerton upends the Best Actor race, which isn’t happened, there probably isn’t a place for this one. That being said, well regarded indie horror always gets some kind of small push, so I expect this one will too. Just don’t expect it to ultimately go anywhere this season…

(Most likely nomination for It Comes At Night: Best Actor for Edgeton)

mother! – Somehow still an X factor, Darren Aronofsky’s divisive mind fuck probably ends up shut out. If it doesn’t, however, there’s a chance it sneaks in both above and below the line. Aronofsky in Best Original Screenplay or Best Director won’t happen, but maybe Jennifer Lawrence powers her way to another Best Actress nod? Then, there’s the cinematography or the editing, both of which are nom worthy. Watch out for either one, plus the two Sound categories (Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing), especially if it makes a dent during the precursor season!

(Most likely nomination for mother!: Best Sound Editing)

Split – I continue to not buy James McAvoy as a realistic Best Actor player, but he’s at least somewhat in play here in 2017. Especially if the year ends up being a weaker one though, he’s going to be mentioned here and there. McAvoy is having a lot of fun, and while I don’t get the fuss, many were highly impressed by him. Consider this an undeniable long shot, but one that at least has some semblance of a path to get to the promised land. Time will tell here, now won’t it?

(Most likely nomination for Split: Best Actor for McAvoy)

Stay tuned to see if any fright flicks manage Oscar love this year and once again, have a Happy Halloween!

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