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The biggest snubs from the 90th Oscar nominations

As mentioned earlier in the week, every single set of Academy Award nominations contains its share of snubs and surprises. We looked at the latter a few days ago, so now it’s time for the former. Today, we’re diving in to look at some of Oscar’s most recent snubs. There’s a bit of how and a bit of why to be found, but as much as anything, it’ll be one last candlelight vigil for some of the year’s more unjustly rejected contenders. In all but one case that I selected, they wound up nominated elsewhere, but still…these films deserved better, plain and simple. You’ll likely agree.

Here now are six snubs of note from the Oscar nominations that went down last week:

The Big Sick misses out in Best Picture and Best Supporting Actress – One of the most delightful over performers during the precursor season, this romantic dramedy seemed poised for a Best Picture nomination. Alas, the preferential balloting system held it back, with some extra love for Phantom Thread torpedoing it there, as well as in Best Supporting Actress, where Holly Hunter missed in favor of Lesley Manville. Sure, it still cracked the Best Original Screenplay lineup for Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani, but these snubs were a real shame. The Big Sick deserved better.

Martin McDonagh misses out in Best Director – For a potential Best Picture frontrunner, having your filmmaker snubbed in Best Director is a big deal. McDonagh’s slot also went to a Phantom Thread player, this time being writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson. Otherwise, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri did plenty well with the Academy, but its frontrunner status potentially took a hit with this big time miss. We shall see how it ends up impacting the race when all is said and done…

James Franco misses out in Best Actor – Obviously, accusations against Franco cloud this a bit, but just looking at the performance and how he did during the precursors, he should have been a lock. The occasional comedy bias in the Academy came up again, costing him his spot. The Disaster Artist avoided the shut out due to a score in the Best Adapted Screenplay field for Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, but it does feel like the flick, also directed by Franco, should have ended up doing a bit better than it ultimately did.

Dunkirk misses out in Best Visual Effects – One of the best below the line performers, Christopher Nolan’s World War II outing still fell short in Best Visual Effects. It’s a small snub overall, but notable considering how well received the bakeoff was reportedly received. There was a miss in Best Original Screenplay too, but that was somewhat expected, considering the strength of the category overall. Regardless, missing in Visual Effects is a small chink in the armor of Nolan’s epic.

Tom Hanks misses out in Best Actor – Folks, Hanks officially can’t catch a break. Even when his film gets into Best Picture, he misses in Best Actor. Especially with Meryl Streep still scoring in Best Actress, this stands as a big snub. The Post is the strangest case in 2017 of a movie just not doing what you’d expect it to do (besides shut out flicks like Stronger, for example). Hanks has the worst luck of late, with this just being the latest example of such. Essentially, he summed up The Post in general this season. When does a Steven Spielberg helmed prestige picture end up snubbed?

Jane misses out in Best Documentary Feature – All season long, Jane seemed like the one to beat in Best Documentary Feature. Then, the nominations were announced and it was missing. There were supposedly hints about it underperforming with members, but as one of the more high profile documentaries of the year, an outright snub seemed unlikely for Brett Morgen’s profile of Jane Goodall. Well, here we are. That’s just how the documentary cookie crumbles sometimes…

One more set of condolences to these films and performances for missing out on their specific nominations!

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