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“Deadpool 2”: Films to see in May

Well now, another month has passed us by. It is currently May folks, part of the second third of the year, as you’ll see noted more specifically with my wrap up of the first third in a few days. As the summer blockbuster season fast approaches (even though it’s clearly already underway, content wise), we’re left to ponder such things as if we have any surprises to look forward. Upon first glance, May isn’t looking too outstanding, but anything is possible and some fun titles are hitting theaters. Below you will see ten films opening this month that I think are most worth making time for. Some I have seen, some I haven’t, but they’re all hitting over the coming weeks. Take a gander and cross your fingers that some exceed expectations here in this section of 2018…

Here now are May’s best cinematic bets:

10. Overboard – A remake of the well regarded comedy, this doesn’t seem inherently necessary at all. Anna Faris starring in this gender swapped version gives it a bit of hope, but frankly, this strikes me as a potential bomb. Hopefully not though, as Faris is an underrated comedy actress.

9. Mary Shelley – This biopic of the Frankenstein author played at the Tribeca Film Festival just a few days ago. Having seen it, I can report that I was not a fan at all. Some might dig it, but despite Elle Fanning’s excellent turn, the subject matter is just mishandled. Costume drama fans, as well as devotees of Shelley could find something to grab on to though…

8. First Reformed – I saw this film last year as the pseudo secret screening at the New York Film Festival. Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried are excellent, but Paul Schrader’s material goes off the rails in the third act. It’ll be interesting to see how A24 handles this one.

7. The Seagull – After sitting on the shelf for years, this Anton Chekov adaptation played Tribeca and was met with a solid reception. Considering the long delay in release, the fact that this movie isn’t a disaster is kind of a miracle. Give it a look if you’re intrigued?

6. Life of the Party – Melissa McCarthy goes to college for this latest comedy vehicle. These sorts of outings haven’t showcased her the best, and especially with a potential awards movie coming this fall, this just doesn’t seem like anything to make a fuss over. Time will tell though…

5. RBG – A documentary about Supreme Court Justice and liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsberg, it comes about six months ahead of a biopic starring Felicity Jones. The early word on this one is pretty solid though. I have a screening link to watch, which I’ll be doing soon, so if it’s Oscar worthy, you better believe I’ll report back on that!

4. How to Talk to Girls at Parties – This science fiction tinged coming of age story seems to have been playing festivals forever. John Cameron Mitchell has been due to make a new film for a while, so it seeing the light of day is good. Nicole Kidman and the aforementioned Elle Fanning are among the stars. Stay tuned for more on this one.

3. Tully – I’ve seen this movie and will be writing about it before it hits theaters on Friday. The latest team up between Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman again stars Charlize Theron. Ever since its surprise Sundance Film Festival screening, fans have been building for this one. It just screened at Tribeca too, so it’s making the rounds. Sit tight for more…

2. Solo: A Star Wars Story – The first real question mark in the Star Wars franchise, in that Han Solo never needed an origin story. Still, Star Wars since its relaunch has a perfect record, so hope springs eternal. If Ron Howard was able to right the ship after a troubled production, we could be in for a surprise bit of fun this month. We’ll know in a matter of weeks!

1. Deadpool 2 – The sequel to one of my favorite superhero movies, this is sure to be a major May blockbuster. Ryan Reynolds has the role of his career here, and the meta nature of the character serves him very well. Especially with so many by the numbers comic book flicks out there, something like this is an excellent change of pace. Once I see it in a few weeks, I’ll be sure to report back.

Honorable Mentions: Dark Crimes, Show Dogs, and Terminal

Be sure to check out these movies throughout the month of May!

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