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“All These Small Moments” Contains A Big Supporting Turn From Harley Quinn Smith

Independent cinema is at its best when it can launch a new star. Whether in front of or behind the camera, making a discovery is a highlight of the medium. In the case of the indie drama All These Small Moments, it serves to showcase a tremendous supporting turn by young Harley Quinn Smith. There’s a lot to like about this film, as it’s one of the few 2019 releases of really high quality, but Smith stands out. She hinted at this talent in her father Kevin Smith’s underrated Yoga Hosers (yes, I’ll defend that work, and Tusk even more so, so deal with it), but this really hammers it home. She’s someone to watch out for.

The movie is an indie drama, centered on a young man’s coming of age. For Howie (Brendan Meyer), his entry into adulthood is taking place as his parents (Brian D’Arcy James and Molly Ringwald) are seeing their marriage crumble. Every single day, he sees a woman (Jemima Kirke) on the bus. Intrigued by her, and perhaps even a bit obsessed, he sees her sobbing. This fuels him to begin seeking to learn more about her, finding out her name is Odessa. As this is happening, he also spends his days at school doing something similar with a classmate in Lindsay (Smith). Howie’s friends have spread a rumor about a disease she might have, leading him to stare at her, until she brashly breaks the silence. As these two budding friendships/relationships develop, his parents situation continues to devolve. Melissa Miller Costanzo writes and directs, while the rest of the cast includes the likes of Spenser Granese, Sam McCarthy, and more. Dan Lipton provides the score, while the cinematography comes from Adam Bricker.

Harley Quinn Smith is a revelation here. Her father scratched the surface of her talents, but here she turns in a lived in and quietly beautiful performance. She displays a star quality that’s undeniable. Whenever he character is on the screen, she quickly becomes your focus. Arguably, the film would have even been better had her arc been more central to the plot. Nothing against Kirke, who’s also very good, but that was the companion that I wanted Meyer to be spending more time with. It all builds to something fairly small scale, but it makes sense for the story being told.

I saw this flick last year at the Tribeca Film Festival and again am puzzled why it has taken so long to come out. This is what I tweeted back in April after first seeing All These Small Moments: ” A really nice coming of age story, it also features a best in show supporting turn from Harley Quinn Smith.” So, if nothing else, I’m consistent with Smith being a stand out performer. The acting is all around solid, she just shines the brightest in her supporting role. It almost took a year to come out, but it was worth the wait, I can assure you.

If you love small character studies, All These Small Moments has a lot to offer. Smith is my stand out here, but Kirke, Meyer, and Ringwald are no slouches themselves. Tribeca doesn’t always debut the strongest of films, but this is a nice little exception. The movie is well made, compelling, and builds to a touching conclusion. It’s literally a tale of small moments, as the title suggests. As long as you keep that in your head, there’s no reason this shouldn’t be a fulfilling experience. Come for the ensemble, stay for Smith, and let the whole final product wash over you. Enjoy…

Be sure to check out All These Small Moments, in theaters this weekend!

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