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Christopher Nolan Has A New Film Coming Out Next Summer

Rejoice, as one of Hollywood’s biggest filmmakers has a new project in the works! Yes, yesterday evening word came down that Christopher Nolan has set a release date for his next film. Nothing is known about he movie yet, aside from its July release date, but it’s enough to get cinematic tails wagging. Nolan has a following unlike almost anyone else in the industry, so this 2020 summer slot will be much speculated about, at least until he reveals details. For now, we just know the date. July 17th, 2020. That’s when Nolan will unleash his latest vision on to the world. Even with just this to go on…count me in.

Without knowing anything about the film, it’s hard to say if it’s going to be an awards player, but Nolan is certainly due to be in the running again for Oscar glory. Few directors tell stories and work on such an epic yet singular scale as Nolan. That’s made him not just a fanboy darling, but also a critical one as well. His career is one that seems very much on track for an Academy Award at some point In fact, last year I wrote that no filmmaker was more overdue for an Oscar than Nolan. Take a look at a bit of what I put forward:

Here we have the rare filmmaker who has as many comic book fanboys worshipping him as art house patrons. Nolan is the most due director in the business, even with last year’s success. A five time nominee (Best Original Screenplay for Inception and Memento, as well as Best Picture for the former flick, plus Best Picture and Best Director for Dunkirk), he’s now finally been cited in Best Director, so that’s even more so where to look for an eventual victory. Nolan will be on all of the short lists for whatever he opts to do as his Dunkirk follow up, so we’ll just have to see how that ends up playing out. It would make a ton of sense for him to win for this next one, but it all depends on the quality of the film, right? Right.

Last time around, he blew us all away with Dunkirk, finally becoming a Best Director nominee in the process. This was a bit from my rave review at the time:

This is a near perfect movie. Nolan has a master’s grasp on the material, showcasing it from start to finish. In many ways, this is an experimental film too, nearly silent, dialogue wise, structurally ambitious, and all set to Zimmer’s brilliant ticking clock of a score. The case can be made that never before has the filmmaker had his own direction mix so perfectly with a flick’s cinematography, editing, and score. It’s all just brilliantly executed. This is a masterclass in how to tell a story without overusing dialogue. Some might call it another clinical effort from Nolan, but I think it goes way beyond that this time. It’s sheer brilliance.

Right now, a release date in a year and a half is all we have, but when it comes to Nolan, that’s more than enough to light a fire. Said only to be an event film, it sure seems like he’s got another blockbuster coming our way. We’ll have to wait and see if it winds up being an Oscar caliber flick as well, but voters have gone for nearly everything that he’s done so far, in one way or another. Now, it’s just a matter of winning an Oscar for himself. Maybe this is the one, maybe not. Regardless, it’s immediately one of 2020’s biggest releases…

Stay tuned for more on this new movie from Nolan when we have it!

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