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Trailer For “Blinded By The Light” Will Make Bruce Springsteen Fans Swoon

At the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, a movie debuted called Blinded by the Light. Yes, the title is taking reference from a Bruce Springsteen song, as The Boss’ music is central to this flick. Over in Park City, it turned out to be one of the fest’s biggest crowd pleasers, getting picked up and scheduled for a summer release date. Now, we saw the Trailer drop for it yesterday, cluing everyone in to just what made it so special back in January. You can see it at the bottom of the post, with some commentary to come first, as per the usual.

The film is a coming of age story, based on the actual teenage years of one of the writers. The plot synopsis, via IMDb, is as follows: “In 1987 during the austere days of Thatcher’s Britain, a teenager learns to live life, understand his family and find his own voice through the music of Bruce Springsteen.” Javeed (Viveik Kalra) is the teen protagonist, caught at a point in his life where he isn’t sure who he is. Springsteen’s music will provide a grounding and set him off on a whole new path. According to folks where we at Sundance, this is a crowd pleaser of the highest order. Gurinder Chadha directs and co-writes with Paul Mayeda Berges and Sarfraz Manzoor (upon whose life this is loosely based). The rest of the cast includes Hayley Atwell, Rob Brydon, Dean-Charles Chapman, Meera Ganatra, Kulvinder Ghir, Nikita Mehta, Aaron Phagura, Sally Phillips, Nell Williams, and more. Cinematography is by Ben Smithard, while the score is composed by Academy Award winner A.R. Rahman.

I’m not even a little bit ashamed to say that this looks absolutely made for me. As a huge Springsteen fan, every emotion in the Trailer is one that I’ve felt while listening to his music. Coming from the director of Bend It Like Beckham, this should have a universal appeal and really speak to the masses. If so, watch out for it as a dark horse Oscar player, perhaps in a category like Best Original Screenplay. I’m hopefully seeing it soon, so I’ll be able to report back more thoroughly, but in terms of anticipation, this is the movie I want to see more than anything else this year.

Bruce Springsteen is having a deserved new moment of late. Between the publication of his memoir Born To Run, his record breaking one man show Springsteen on Broadway, and the just recently announced new album coming this summer, The Boss is as big as ever. Even Springsteen himself, with the book and Broadway show, is reflecting on his career and music. So too is this film. Blinded by the Light is hitting at the perfect moment, which gives it some real potential to be a break out summer counter programming hit. It has all the ingredients to succeed, that’s for sure.

You can see Blinding by the Light in August when it hits theaters, via New Line and Warner Bros, but first, you can see the Trailer next. It’ll be about three and a half month until this one comes out, and once you see this Trailer, that wait will seem like an eternity. Springsteen fans will lose their minds, though even if The Boss does nothing for you, this should still be massively entertaining. For the moment, scope out the Trailer and sit tight for more. Trust me, once I see it, I’ll be eager to let you all know what I thought…

Here now is the Trailer for Blinded by the Light:

Stay tuned for much more on Blinded by the Light between now and its summer release date!

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