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“Long Shot” Is A Massively Charming And Terrifically Funny Romantic Comedy

A winning romantic comedy can provide a jolt of happiness unlike almost any other cinematic offering. There’s something about seeing characters you root for overcome the odds that just pleases you in a substantial way. Throw in some good laughs and these are far more than just staples of date nights. Long Shot, the raunchy new romantic comedy, is a cut above. This rom com doesn’t skimp on either aspect. With two impeccable lead performances, some great supporting turns, and a witty script, this is destined to delight audiences for years to come. It’s almost impossible to resist this flick once it finds its groove.

The movie is a romantic comedy, with the added bonus of having a satirical political bent to it. The story centers on Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) and Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron). The former is an investigative journalist who quits his job when the paper he works for is taken over by giant corporate tycoon. The latter, quite simply, is one of the most influential women in the world, not to mention glamorous, intelligent, and the current Secretary of State. What’s more, she’s planning to run for the highest office in the land now that the current leader, President Chambers (Bob Odenkirk), is not running for re-election. There’s no reason that the two should ever meet, except that they have, since she was his babysitter as well as his childhood crush. When they run into each other at an event Fred’s wealthy friend Lance (O’Shea Jackson Jr.) drags him to, his charm and humor light her up. Reminded of her youthful idealism and better angles, she hires him as a speechwriter. Charlotte’s adviser Maggie Millikin (June Diane Raphael) is none too pleased, but the more time the two spend together, the closer they get. Soon, sparks fly and Charlotte begins a romance with Fred. The odds are against them, but then again, this is a Hollywood rom com, isn’t it? Jonathan Levine directs a script by Liz Hannah and Dan Sterling. Marco Beltrami and Miles Hankins composed the score, while Yves Bélanger handled the cinematography. Supporting players include Lisa Kudrow, Randall Park, Ravi Patel, Paul Scheer, Andy Serkis, Alexander Skarsgård, and more.

I really loved this film. The ending especially will just make you smile from ear to ear. Rogen and Theron are aces, displaying not just top notch comedic chops (expected for him, though a revelation for her), but amazing chemistry as well. You buy them in this premise, unlikely as it might be. The supporting players consistently draw laughs as well, but you pull for Rogen and Theron to succeed. The former has proven his bona fides here before, in things such as Knocked Up, but the latter is brilliant, whether it’s in the rom com aspect or the political one. Charlotte Field 2020!

Long Shot is kept moving quite smoothly by Levine in the director’s chair, while the script from Hannah and Sterling mixes comedy, romance, and political satire in a deft way that’s rather underrated. The cable news segments are consistently riotous, while the way to play off of Trump in the White House is really clever. Where they bring these characters is incredibly satisfying, to say the least. I would watch a sequel in a heartbeat. No spoilers, but the situation Rogen’s Fred Flarsky and Theron’s Charlotte Field end up in is prime territory for an even more satirical follow up to this gem.

Now in theaters, Long Shot is not just a terrific rom com, but an on point political satire as well. Frankly, it’s also one of the year’s best films so far. It’s a tragedy that this opened up against the second weekend of Avengers: Endgame. Sure, the Marvel Cinematic Universe offering is amazing, but the downside to something taking up all the oxygen is it suffocates other worthy flicks. In a perfect world, this movie will overcome that. If not, it’s destined to become a cult classic, with a terrific second life on cable and home video. Long Shot is terrific and a must see.

Be sure to check out Long Shot, in theaters now!

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