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Robert Pattinson Is An Exciting Choice To Play Batman

Last week, specifically on Thursday evening, reports came down that we had a new Batman. Yes, the latest Caped Crusader has an identity. Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that Robert Pattinson is the pick to play Bruce Wayne and Batman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming reboot of the character. He will be the newest Dark Knight. Obviously, the internet exploded. I’ve waited a few days because I wanted the dust to settle. Folks who are bemoaning it are just thinking of Pattinson as Edward Cullen from the Twilight saga. However, those who only judge him based on that are missing why this could be quite the coup for DC and Warner Bros., as Pattinson is evolving into one of the industry’s most interesting talents.

Part of why this is so exciting is that the actor has been making some phenomenal choices of late. Pattinson is far from the guy opposite Kristen Stewart in Twilight these days. Like Stewart, he has evolved into an exciting actor who chooses daring projects. Since then, he’s worked with filmmakers like David Cronenberg, Claire Denis, James Gray, the Safdie Brothers, and soon Christopher Nolan, in projects as varied as Cosmopolis, Good Time, High Life, The Lost City of Z, Maps to the Stars, just to name a few. If that’s not the mark of an exciting actor making unconventional choices, I don’t know what is?

As Batman (as well as in his upcoming Nolan extravaganza), Pattinson has a chance to bring all of his newfound artistic choices to the blockbuster realm. His work in the Twilight franchise was forgettable, though he was still learning his craft back then. Those subsequent projects have him testing his limits, which is something he’ll be sure to do with the Bruce Wayne character, not to mention Batman. Especially if Matt Reeves is going gritty and grounded with a Year One type interpretation of the character, Pattinson will fit that mold to a T. As you’ll see below, his casting makes perfect sense.

Reeves has supposedly chosen Pattinson after a lengthy search, pulling from a list that includes the likes of Noah Centineo, Ansel Elgort, Armie Hammer, Kit Harrington, Nicholas Hoult, Logan Lerman, Richard Madden, Dylan O’Brien, Jack O’Connell, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Give or take Hammer and O’Connell (alongside the briefly rumored Jake Gyllenhaal, who it turns out would have been a bit too old for the age group Reeves and company were targeting), this was a clear cut choice. Nothing against those actors, but Pattinson represents the pick who offers up the most potential variety here. It’s hard to fully know what he’ll bring here, which opens up almost any and every possibility. Especially if this is going to be another origin story, having this to hold on to makes the reboot even more interesting.

For the moment, here is how I would rank the Batman actors so far, minus Pattinson, of course:

6. George Clooney
5. Val Kilmer
4. Ben Affleck
3. Adam West
2. Michael Keaton
1. Christian Bale

Overall, Robert Pattinson is someone you can expect a new interpretation of Bruce Wayne and Batman from. Frankly, as long as Pattinson is not the next George Clooney, he’ll be fine. Whether he ends up on the level of a Ben Affleck or a Val Kilmer, or is able to approach Christian Bale or Michael Keaton status (Adam West is his own thing entirely), that remains to be seen. Regardless, Pattinson seems poised to be a unique choice, one with a ton of potential. We’re still a ways away from Reeves getting this before camera, so sit tight. Once Pattinson signs on the dotted line, we’ll know more…

Stay tuned to see how Robert Pattinson fares as Batman!

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