Ranking The Marvel Cinematic Universe As Phase Three Ends

We have come now to the end of Phase Three for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The just released Spider-Man: Far From Home represents an end to this part of the MCU and a pause before a new era gets underway. Next year will bring about Phase Four, with some very unique possibilities. As always, when a new Marvel work is put out into the world, I like to take that opportunity to re-rank the films in the franchise. Now 23 movies deep, they’re truly a force in the industry. It’s no secret that I loved Spidey’s latest adventure, but how does it stack up? Well, look below for your answer…

Here is how I would rank the MCU (with prior commentary), now that Spider-Man: Far From Home is out in theaters:

23. Thor: The Dark World – If this is the worst that Marvel can do, we’re in a good place. Thoroughly acceptable but without much of a spark, this sequel has Thor pretty much doing the same thing as in the first one. The enjoyably larger role for Loki saves it from turning into a slog. Again, if this is the bottom of the barrel, things are just fine over at the Marvel offices.

22. The Incredible Hulk – More a byproduct of not knowing how to use Hulk properly than anything else, this shows Marvel as a studio still finding their footing in the world. The fact that it’s more or less not referred to at all in the canon of the MCU should be telling, though it’s not unenjoyable at all. Still, this and the title above are the clear weak links to date.

21. Iron Man 2 – The one film in the series that got too concerned with setting up The Avengers, there’s plenty to like here with Tony Stark/Iron Man just as fun as always. At the same time though, it’s a bare bones plot where the sequel building is unfortunately the prime focus. It’s middle of the road for Marvel in just about every way (though by proxy fairly low on this list), and definitely should have been better.

20. Thor – From here on out, the titles move to the good/very good/great range, with the God of Thunder perhaps just suffering from being their least interesting character. There’s nothing wrong with this movie, and the Hawkeye cameo is pretty cool, but it’s on the forgettable side, that’s for sure. The character is still at his best when not going solo and partnered with other heroes, if you ask me.

19. Iron Man 3 – Making this the Tony Stark show as opposed to watching him just use the suit for two hours was a top notch decision. Besides just showcasing Robert Downey, Jr. in a big way, it mixes up the formula, which was needed. If they make an Iron Man 4 (which I assume they eventually will), it’ll partially be based on the success found here, along with his evolution in more recent MCU flicks.

18. Avengers: Age of Ultron – As much as this is great summer blockbuster entertainment, I found myself hoping for a little bit more. The recent movies from Marvel (the next two down, actually) as well as the first Avengers flick really are a cut above, so to see this just be pretty good was a slight disappointment. Part of that might just be that we’ve now seen the group together already, so some of the magic is gone. Still, this is more than effective and well worth seeing.

17. Captain America: The First Avenger – A bit cheesy at times, but intentionally so, this is the most throwback of any Marvel outing to date. The ending is very solid, but up until then it’s basically an unexceptional World War II tale. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good, but it’s put to shame by its sequel (now its two sequels), as you’ll be seeing below within this particular list.

16. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – I’ve seen this sequel a few times, and while there are diminishing returns from the first one, it’s still massively entertaining. It does way more right than it does wrong, including finding an interesting way to have one of Marvel’s more creative villains. The charm is in full effect, and while it does the lest to advance Phase Three of the MCU towards its conclusion next year, it remains a welcome change of pace. Oddly, it might prove to be a divisive flick. Already, some seem to love it as much as anything out of the MCU, while others were a bit let down. Me? Well, I’m clearly somewhere stuck in the middle.

15. Ant-Man – One of the sillier Marvel outings to date and a riskier one too, this probably shouldn’t have worked, or at least not as well as it did. The original combination of Paul Rudd working with Edgar Wright had many pumped up, but Wright obviously left the project, ultimately leaving it in the hands of Peyton Reed. At times Reed lets things get a little generic, but the script is still partially credited to Wright and it shows. His clearly influenced moments are by far the best, but it’s a fun flick throughout. It’s at its best when the ridiculousness of the idea isn’t being shied away from. Plus, it’s just enjoyable to watch MCU fight scenes done on a totally different scale.

14. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – An out of nowhere spy thriller that could have almost come out in the 1970’s and been about the Cold War, this was one of the MCU’s most pleasant surprises. It’s no shock that the filmmakers here have been given the keys to the Marvel kingdom from here on out, taking over the upcoming Avengers sequels. The Winter Soldier has only gotten better as time has passed too, making this an underrated gem in the universe.

13. Doctor Strange – Easily the weirdest outing in the MCU to date, this is also definitely the most visual as well. Benedict Cumberbatch makes a great superhero and Tilda Swinton is a scene stealer. The odd look of the film is really what’s best here, but it’s also one of Marvel’s more effective origin stories as well. It’s all just a fun mix, giving you something a bit different. Even more so than usual, I’ll be eager for another adventure with this hero.

12. Ant-Man and the Wasp – What a pleasant surprise. Everything you like about the first installment is still in effect here, only better. This is also one of the most female centric MCU outings yet. Rudd’s comedic portrayal of a hero is totally on point too. With smaller goals than in probably any other outing for the company, there’s more opportunities for fun. The result is a blast in just about every way. Ant-Man is now a character I’m even more eager to see more from.

11. Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers is set to mess Thanos up. As I wrote earlier in the week: “Brie Larson is an inspiration here. It’s rare to want to stand up and cheer in a superhero movie, where your protagonist is literally superhuman, but she brings that out in you. Boden and Fleck lean in to the science fiction aspects of the flick way more than expected, resulting in something rather odd at times.” A re-watch could actually shoot it up towards the top five, that’s how impressed I was with this latest MCU outing.

10. Thor: Ragnarok – Simply put, this movie is hilarious. It already seemed like a winner considering how it was teaming up Thor with Hulk, but the fact that filmmaker Taika Waititi fuels this with laughter is a stroke of comedic genius. Letting Jeff Goldblum go to town as well results in some great moments, including one of the funniest post credits scenes in the MCU yet. The whole tone just works. When it becomes more of an action outing, it’s a bit more generic, though still livelier than previous Thor flicks. The movie is supremely entertaining, easily cracking Marvel’s top ten

9. Guardians of the Galaxy – The biggest gamble Marvel has made since actually setting forth with the MCU concept, this turned out to be one of their biggest and most purely entertaining success stories. Taking their universe and truly making it universal, this space opera of sorts is as much Star Wars as a miniature version of The Avengers. It’s just so much fun, and has stayed that way on subsequent viewings.

8. The Avengers – It was all leading up to this one, so it was a joy to see just how well the meeting of Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor ultimately was. Probably the biggest superhero movie ever (at that point), it was lighter than the Batman franchise it was opening up the same year as, and while not quite as amazing, still more than blew audiences away. It may not 100% hold up to the euphoria we had when first seeing it, but it’s still definitely an iconic moment in Marvel history, and overall just a great time.

7. Captain America: Civil War – This is only a tiny step down from the top spot here, which makes it the best Marvel outing since the end of Phase One. In fact, it might be the best of the lot after a revisit or two. At the very least, it’s right on the level of the first Avengers film, which I’m currently slotting a minuscule bit below this one. This builds on The Winter Solider and oddly enough functions as somewhat of an across the board improvement on the recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The main set piece battle is outstanding, but the story is just perhaps the best that the MCU has had to date, including finally having a villain that’s not easily dismissed, which has been something Marvel has occasionally struggled with.

6. Spider-Man: Far From Home – This is what I had to say earlier in the week about this Phase Three capper: “Not only is Spider-Man: Far From Home another great Spidey adventure, one that ties into the past and future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s also another tremendous high school story. Tom Holland is the best Peter Parker and the best Spider-Man yet, Jake Gyllenhaal is tremendously fun (in a role I won’t spoil, besides to say that Mysterio is handled differently than you might expect), Zendaya continues to be an absolute spark plug, and the entire product is just a tremendous amount of fun. Plus, this movie has one of the best post credits sequences for the MCU yet, both of which are actually pretty important, plot wise. One actually works as a final scene for the adventure audiences just watched, which is a really bold move. It’s not spoiling anything to say that it really does change what you saw before. That’s the mark of a rock solid feature, that even the final moments can add to the enjoyment. Jon Watts and company really set the stage for Phase Four of the universe in a compelling and surprising manner.”

5. Avengers: Infinity War – A spectacle unlike anything we’ve ever seen, with a bold cliffhanger ending to boot, this is something truly special. Assembling nearly the entire MCU lineup in a deeply satisfying way, the film is also unafraid to have a body count. The stakes are high, the humor is on point, and the action sizzles. Depending on how the follow up goes next year, it could either enhance or ding this one. For now, consider it a temporary placement. The sequel will truly conclude this version of the MCU, so that’s the movie upon which this all rests. We have a year to wait…

4. Iron Man – It’s hard to beat the one that started it all, and up until now, nothing had. RDJ is just perfection as the title character, setting up everything that has come since. If he hadn’t been at the top of his game, none of this would have turned out the same. For that alone, it’s worth heavy praise, but this is also a nearly perfect superhero film, helping to set the tone for what would come next. It stood tall among the MCU titles so far, though admittedly a few of the recent titles have closed in on it, but it took a certain webslinger and just recently a King to finally top it.

3. Black Panther – In time, this could easily become Marvel’s best. In fact, it probably is, but I want to sit on it for a bit. Black Panther stands out for many reasons, notably for both being their most auteur driven work (kudos to Ryan Coogler) and for giving the MCU perhaps their best villain ever (bravo Michael B. Jordan). Aside from some slight repetition and occasionally generic action, this is damn near perfect work. Everyone involved should be very proud. Now, the first Marvel film to win an Academy Award, the Oscar love has helped cement it as a cultural touchstone.

2. Spider-Man: Homecoming – Yes, this newer MCU outing was the best yet for a short while. As much a high school comedy as an action epic, this is another nearly perfect superhero film. By combining their sensibilities with Spidey’s, it makes for something really different. Traditionalists might be split on how Peter Parker and Spider-Man are portrayed here, but I loved this take. Tom Holland is phenomenal too, blowing both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire (and they were each terrific in their own right) out of the water. Integrating Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and even a bit of Iron Man into things fits the character into the MCU, but this is a much lower fi character, even with a Stark enhanced suit (which provides a ton of comic relief as he learns how to use it). It all just works.

1. Avengers: Endgame – From my four star review back in April: “This is the best Marvel has ever done. Truly. Avengers: Endgame brings the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a worthy conclusion, eliciting more emotion than any superhero movie yet. I laughed, I cried, and I was filled to the brim with joy. This is a triumph for anyone who has invested a decade and over 20 films worth of material into one giant story. Over three hours long but paced perfectly, you won’t want it to end. Somehow, Marvel, Kevin Feige, and the creative forces have exceeded expectations.” That’s how I felt then and it continues to be how I feel now. It’s a stunning achievement, without question.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is in theaters everywhere right now!

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