Emily Cohn And Her Leading Ladies Chat About The Indie Comic Gem “Crshd”

Have you all been Crshd? I certainly hope so! Last week, I published a rave review for the comedy Crshd, one of the year’s best and most surprising films. Today, we follow that up by bringing you a pair of interviews with the very talented ladies who brought the movie to life. Yes, we’ve got chats with star Isabelle Barbier, writer/director/co-editor Emily Cohn, star Deeksha Ketkar, and star Sadie Scott, all of whom do phenomenal work.

I was lucky enough to hop on Skype with Barbier and Ketkar yesterday, as well as having a phone call with Cohn and Scott earlier today. Both are very casual discussions of the flick, and in the latter case, ended up as a pretty long recording. Hopefully you enjoy them all, since these creatives are supremely talented, as well as being utterly delightful people. I could have spoken with them all day, something that probably clearly comes off in the recordings. Give them a listen and be sure to check out the film. It’s truly something special!

Enjoy my conversations with filmmaker Emily Cohn, as well as actresses Isabelle Barbier, Deeksha Ketkar, and Sadie Scott:

We hope you enjoyed the interviews. Crshd is available to watch now and is a must see!

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