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Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” Captivates With A New Trailer

Good evening! A little bit earlier on in the night, a new Trailer dropped for Christopher Nolan’s new film, Tenet. The mysterious movie, Nolan’s follow up to Dunkirk, has revealed some more of itself, though the July 17th release date is no longer in evidence. That’s curious, but for now, we can just focus on what the auteur is presenting to us. The flick, even with its puzzling nature, appears to be captivating. The spectacle that Nolan always brings is clearly in evidence, while this may be as close as we get to him doing a James Bond type blockbuster. Mixing the spy genre with a science fiction touch is very much something he seems tailor made to tackle. We’ll know more this year, if not in July, then at some point later on in 2020. That’s the big question left to figure out, since this looks like a potential smash hit, regardless, as long as audiences are willing to venture back to theaters…

Despite two Trailers now, a lot is still unknown about the film. This is the IMDb synopsis: “Armed with only one word — Tenet — and fighting for the survival of the entire world, the Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time.” As we said last time around, the movie seems to follow John David Washington as he attempts to prevent some sort of global catastrophe. The catch is, this isn’t just some spy flick, as time is a heavy factor, in ways the genre has likely never seen before. Nolan writes and directs, with cinematography once again by Hoyte Van Hoytema, while Ludwig Göransson composed the score. Comprising the cast, in addition to Washington, are Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki in major roles, as well as the likes of Kenneth Branagh, Michael Caine, Martin Donovan, Himesh Patel, Clémence Poésy, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, among others. For those seeking a bit more, The Playlist has this description from an upcoming Tenet related book: “FROM DIRECTOR CHRISTOPHER NOLAN comes a mind-blowing espionage thriller so unique that audiences will puzzle over its intricacies for years to come. The Secrets of Tenet takes readers on an exclusive journey into Nolan’s time-bending masterpiece, offering rare insights into all aspects of its creation. Featuring in-depth commentary from Nolan himself and a range of other key collaborators—including producer Emma Thomas and production designer Nathan Crowley—The Secrets of Tenet delivers an essential masterclass that lays bare the director’s process and his singular creative vision. Illustrated with candid behind-the-scenes imagery and compelling conceptual art, this is the ultimate exploration of a film guaranteed to linger in the imagination long into the future . . . and perhaps the past.”

Here now is the new Trailer for Tenet:

Stay tuned to find out more about Tenet, including the movie’s eventual release date!

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