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“The Trip To Greece” Is A Delicious Comic Vacation

When The Trip first came out, I don’t think anyone necessarily intended for it to become a franchise. However, now four movies later, it has become a very unique beast. About as far removed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as possible, these flicks are a hybrid of documentary, cooking/travel show, and British sitcom. Somehow, the mixture has worked beautifully, with The Trip to Greece completing the quartet. A very light case of diminishing returns is in evidence here, but this is still a very funny film with a lot to offer, provided you like English humor and admiring good food. If that sounds up your alley, this is going to be a real treat when it hits Digital on Friday.

This film is the final installment in The Trip series, beginning with that title (initially having started life as a television show), and continuing with The Trip to Italy, as well as The Trip to Spain, before concluding here. This time around, Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan are off to Greece, marking a blast hurrah of sorts for the pair. As they travel from Troy to Ithaca (supposedly following in the footsteps of the Odysseus), the dine at fancy restaurants, visit historic landmarks, and make a ton of jokes. All manner of topics are argued about and debated over, often while in the midst of iconic Greek locations or scrumptious meals, though this time, a sense of melancholy has joined the fray. It’s still often hilarious, but there’s a beating here here, as well. Michael Winterbottom directs, while the rest of the cast includes Cordelia Bugeja, Richard Clews, Rebecca Johnson, Claire Keelan, Michael Towns, and more. James Clarke handles the cinematography.

Anyone who doesn’t get at least a bit of a kick out of Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan’s antics are dead inside. So many of their interactions are such a delight, it’s impossible not to laugh. Brydon and Coogan are a perfect match as sparring partners, with the latter constantly being a hoot whenever he’s bringing up his BAFTA wins (one short moment involving BAFTA’s and children is among the comedic highlights here). Michael Winterbottom is often content to just let them do their thing, with decidedly strong results. Things are a bit more inconsistent when it veers towards seriousness, but Brydon, Coogan, and Winterbottom deserve credit for going in that direction, as well.

The Trip to Greece not only is incredibly funny, the food porn on display is quite delectable, as well. The meals they have are exquisite, and Winterbottom always takes us quickly into the kitchen to see what’s being plated. It’s a nice little touch that makes sure the quality of the meals, as well as the care that goes into them, are never papered over. As a travelogue, more attention is paid to the food than the architecture of the sites, but mostly that’s due to Brydon and Coogan making a joke out of most things. However, they do love a good meal, so that often gets a more earnest tribute.

Tomorrow, join Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan for The Trip to Greece. Simply put, it’s a lot of fun. If you’ve seen any of the prior installments, you’ll know what to expect. Even if this is your first trip with Brydon and Coogan, there’s no barrier for entry. You’ll just end up laughing and wishing you could visit Greece. We’re all currently stuck inside, so join these two buffoons for a vacation we all wish we could take right about now…

Be sure to check out The Trip to Greece, available this weekend!

(Photos courtesy of IFC Films)

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