“7500” Cinematographer Sebastian Thaler And Production Designer Thorsten Sabel Discuss The Look Of The Film

Often lost in the shuffle of making a quality film are the crew. While a director and the cast get most of the credit, followed by the writer, below the line talent don’t often get their due. When they do, it’s mostly limited to the cinematography and the score. What about production design, however? In the case of 7500 (which we reviewed earlier in the week), both the cinematographer and the production designer are working in brilliant concert with each other, helping to deliver a unique motion picture. So, when given the opportunity, it was a no-brainer to hop on the phone with them and pick their brains.

Below you will find my conversations with 7500’s cinematographer Sebastian Thaler, as well as its production designer Thorsten Sabel. Both are key elements why this movie, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is such a success. They take filmmaker Patrick Vollrath’s vision of an intimate character study and execute it in such a way, you feel like you’re right there with Gordon-Levitt as he tries to keep a level head. It’s impressively done work, so getting to talk to the crew was fascinating and definitely a treat. Hopefully you enjoy…

Here are my interviews with Thorsten Sabel and Sebastian Thaler. (Warning, the sound quality this time around isn’t great. Full disclosure: there was loud construction going on in my apartment complex during on of these, and during the other, I had to move to a different room, where you could hear my dog bark when the doorbell rang. It’s chaos, but you should still be able to hear everything)

Be sure to check out 7500, available on Amazon tomorrow!

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