Glen Ballard Chats About The Power Of Music And “The Eddy”


It’s hard not to appreciate the dedication and passion that Glen Ballard put into bringing The Eddy to life. A six-time Grammy Award winner, Ballard has made it his business to get this challenging and rewarding show before audiences. Along with Damien Chazelle, Jack Thorne, and of course, Netflix, he finally had it in front of folks this spring. Now, as voting for the Emmy Awards is underway, I had the opportunity to chat with him about The Eddy (as well as, greedily, the musical version of Back to the Future). A true passion project, you can tell how much he cares just by listening to the man.

Below you can hear my interview with Ballard. He’s a really interesting figure, and while he’s in the hunt for Emmy attention this year with The Eddy (having written the original song “The Eddy” for the show, which you can hear here), we also made a bit of time to talk Back to the Future, due to his involvement in the musical. It’s a cool conversation, so give it a listen and keep an eye out for that project once the world gets back to normal. Give it a listen and stay tuned for one more composer interview tomorrow, as our Emmy coverage begins to wrap up. For now, Ballard is here to make his pitch for The Eddy attention, and it’s quite a compelling pitch.

Here now is my conversation with Glen Ballard. Enjoy:

As an aside, Netflix doesn’t just have The Eddy, but Space Force (more on that tomorrow during my conversation with Carter Burwell!), as well as The Black Godfather, The Midnight Gospel, and The Witcher, making for a ton of musical Emmy options for the streaming giant…

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Be sure to check out The Eddy on Netflix!

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