“Greyhound” Director Aaron Schneider Talks About Working With Tom Hanks And The Film’s Complex Technical Process

Director Aaron Schneider takes his time when choosing a project. As you’ll hear him detail in our interview today, he’s consistently passed up work that he couldn’t get excited for. After moving from cinematography to directing, he won an Academy Award for his Live-Action Short in Two Soldiers, followed by a strong feature debut in Get Low. Since then, he’s bided his time, now returning with the Tom Hanks vehicle Greyhound (reviewed here). Hopping on the phone with me a few days ago, Schneider was surprisingly candid, as well as detailed in his answers. If you’ve ever been curious about how you actually make a film like this, you’re in luck today…

Below you will find my conversation with Schneider. We obviously touch on what drew him to the project, as well as working with Hanks, who not only stars but wrote the screenplay as well. Plus, he details how he has a bit of a different take than Hanks on the flick going to streaming via Apple TV+ as opposed to its originally intended theatrical release. Additionally, we also get into actually making the movie. He’s able to break down how you film something complex of this sort, and it’s absolutely captivating, in my humble opinion. Plus, he has a really interesting story about his Oscar win, which includes a bit about how Billy Crystal is directly responsible. Be sure to check out that bit, but obviously give the whole interview a listen. I found it to be a fascinating chat, and I hope you do, as well.

Here is my interview with Aaron Schneider. Enjoy:

“Greyhound” director Aaron Schneider on set. (Courtesy of Apple+)

Greyhound drops on Apple TV+ tomorrow and is well worth your time. Give it a look!

(Photos courtesy of Apple)

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