Timothy Busfield Talks Baseball, Directing, The Future Of The Industry, And “Guest Artist”

For many, Timothy Busfield is just an actor, someone who often shows up in the work of Aaron Sorkin. For others, he’s a part of such baseball classics as Field of Dreams and Little Big League. Busfield, however, is not just an accomplished actor, but an award-winning director as well, helming episodes of many popular shows, including many Sorkin-penned ones. Now, with his feature effort Guest Artist out in the world, starring Jeff Daniels, he stopped by the podcast (over the phone, of course) to chat about it, though as you’ll hear next, we ended up talking about literally everything under the sun. To call it a wide reaching conversation would be a bit of an understatement.

Below you’ll be able to hear my interview with Busfield. It’s a really good one too, almost entirely due to his incredible generosity. We went for basically an hour, with the man willing to chat about baseball, tell stories about working on Sorkin projects, and much more. He even gets into a really fascinating discussion about how the film industry, as well as Broadway, can come together and survive the current COVID-19 pandemic. He’s funny, smart, and absolutely wonderful to talk to. This was a pleasure, so I sincerely hope it’s as much fun to listen to as it was to conduct. It’s sometimes a cliche to say that you could have talked to someone all day, but I literally could have, and he was in no hurry to get off the phone, so the results of that are next. We start off with a little bit of joking about the technical difficulties it took to connect the call, but after that it’s off to the races…

Here now is my conversation with Timothy Busfield. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out Guest Artist, available on Digital right now!

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