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“The Batman” Swoops In With A First Trailer And First Good Look At Robert Pattinson As The Caped Crusader

Yesterday at DC Fandome, Warner Bros. finally gave fans a first true look at The Batman. Ever since Matt Reeves took over the project from Ben Affleck and decided to go in a different direction with the property, anticipation has been sky-high. First, there was the casting of Robert Pattinson as Batman. Then, we saw The Batmobile. Now, we have a Teaser Trailer to pour over, and in true Teaser fashion, this manages to show plenty, without telling us much of anything. Mostly, it’s a mood piece, one that truly should make you excited for the film. Give it a look at the end of this post.

The plot is still unknown, but has been described as a sort of “Year Two” story for Bruce Wayne (Pattinson) and his time as Batman. He appears in the film to be trying to solve a mystery posed by The Riddler (Paul Dano), who could be pulling strings from afar. There’s definite cooperation between the vigilante hero and the Gotham City Police, at least in terms of James Gordon (Geoffrey Wright) consulting with him. For now, it’s mostly just guesswork, but there’s hints of action, mystery, and even drama in the Trailer. Reeves directs a screenplay he co-wrote with Mattson Tomlin. The cast includes the aforementioned Pattinson in the lead role, Wright as Gordon, and Dano as one of the big villains, in addition to an A-list roster that features Colin Farrell, Zoë Kravitz, Peter Sarsgaard, Andy Serkis, John Turturro, and more. Greig Fraser is behind the camera handling the cinematography, while the score comes to us from Michael Giacchino.

This Trailer is incredibly effective, especially considering how it’s basically just a Teaser. First of all, it’s pretty amazing to see Batman, supposedly the world’s greatest detective, actually doing some apparent detective work. The movie almost looks like a superhero interpretation of something like Zodiac, which is an exciting proposition. Matt Reeves may well be cooking up something special here. If nothing else, it looks truly unique, Robert Pattinson appears well cast, despite some initial naysayers, and the vibe is captivating. Warner Bros. exceeded all of their expectations last year with Joker, proving they don’t need all of their comic book flicks to intertwine, so this could be more of the same. Prestige may be harder to come by this time around, but if the goods are there, who knows?

We’re still over a year away from The Batman hitting theaters, as it has an October 2021 release, and is still in production, with plenty of filming to do, but there’s no denying that this has whet the appetite for more. This dark and mature take on the character doesn’t appear anything like Christopher Nolan’s version, but they share a realism and seriousness that should serve it well. It all adds up to something that’s going to be one of next year’s most anticipated titles, without question.

Here now is the Teaser Trailer for The Batman:

Stay tuned for more on The Batman over the next year and change!

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