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David Arquette Discusses Being Filmed For A Documentary And Re-Entering The Wrestling World

Up until now, a conversation about wrestling with David Arquette likely would have been an awkward one to have. After all, the actor and wrestling fan has long been considered to have participated in one of the sport’s worst moments, winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 2000. However, now with the documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette (my review can be found here) out in drive-ins and hitting VOD on Friday, he’s been open about the experience, including having a short Zoom conversation with me about the experience. Frankly, it was something I never thought would happen, so kudos to Arquette for being willing to discuss things so candidly.

Below you’ll be able to hear my discussion with Arquette. For a documentary with some very heavy moments, it’s also one that’s deeply hopeful, too, and that’s something I believe was reflected in our conversation. We also got to laugh, which is important, especially when talking about things that can potentially get uncomfortable. Whether you’re a wrestling fan, a fan of Arquette as an actor, or just curious about this wild story, both the doc, as well as this chat, are worth checking out. The film itself, as you saw in my review, is a winner in and of itself. Fair warning here, Zoom was not 100% cooperative this time around, so a bit of the dialogue may be jumbled. Apologies there, but it’s largely all good. Anyway, listen to the conversation and give the movie a shot…

Here now is my interview with David Arquette. Enjoy:

Be sure to check out You Cannot Kill David Arquette this weekend!

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