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“Wonder Woman 1984” Delays Its Release Date Once Again

Princess Diana can’t catch a break. Even after thrilling folks with a new Trailer recently during the DC Fandome, Wonder Woman 1984 is still moving back on the movie release calendar. With Warner Bros. still figuring out how to get Tenet to the masses, there just isn’t room for multiple blockbusters at the cineplex at one time, let alone from the same studio. So, WB has opted to shift the movie’s release date once again. This time, the flick is headed towards the holiday season, which may well have another domino effect (not that this should surprise you in any way). Read on for more…

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is no longer an October release, but a December one, and specifically hitting on Christmas Day. Interestingly, WB’s Dune opens a week before that, and seems like it won’t move, at least just yet. Watch for Disney to potentially shift Black Widow to another date now, but that remains to be seen. Mostly, this is due to theaters not being ready for volume yet, and the studio also wanting to make sure Christopher Nolan’s Tenet can do what it was supposed to, business wise. Whether that happens remains to be seen, but Warner Bros. certainly has a plan in mind.

Here’s a bit from the story:

Wonder Woman 1984 is delaying its release again, this time from Oct. 2 to Dec. 25 as the U.S. box office struggles to recover amid the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.

The shift doesn’t impact the Dec. 18 date for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, which Warner Bros. is releasing on behalf of Legendary.

Wonder Woman’s delay is a major blow for theater owners, since there now won’t be a new Hollywood tentpole hitting the big screen until November.

Warner insiders say they reached the decision amid the ongoing uncertainty as to when cinemas in such major markets such as New York City and Los Angeles will reopen. As of now, about 35 percent of the domestic marketplace remains dark in terms of moviegoing.

One advantage of moving Wonder Woman 1984: it gives fellow Warners event pic Tenet, from filmmaker Christopher Nolan, more time to expand its audience as cinemas continue to reopen across the country. Both films cost in the $200 million range to produce before marketing, meaning they need to do many hundreds of millions to land in the black.

Insiders say Warners began debating whether to move Wonder Woman 1984 long before Tenet finally unfurled in the first major test of the appetite for moviegoing in the COVID-19 era. Also, the Christmas corridor was incredibly lucrative for 2018 DC pic Aquaman.

Tenet officially opened Sept. 3 where it could in the U.S. (New York City and Los Angeles are among the key markets still closed). The $200 million espionage epic took in an estimated $20 million in its debut, including weekday grosses and prior weekend earnings in Canada, according to Warners.

Tenet is faring much better overseas, where it has cleared nearly $150 million to date. Generally speaking, the international box office is further along in terms of a recovery.

Stay tuned for more on Wonder Woman 1984!

(Source: THR)

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