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“Over The Moon” Is A Progressive And Vibrant Animated Delight

While Disney and Pixar (and to a lesser and more independent extent, GKids) are seen as the masters of cinematic animation, don’t sleep on Netflix. Last year saw them burst into the Best Animated Feature race at the Academy Awards, and this year, the streaming giant is again gunning for Oscar attention. This time around, their vehicle is Over the Moon, a colorful, musical progressive, and vibrant animated tale that is full of life. With memorable songs and an excellent message, the movie is likely to be a big hit with audiences who watch it this week. Can some awards love be far behind?

The film is an animated musical adventure, centered on a young and her mix of an adventurous and scientific mind. Fei Fei (voice of Cathy Ang) is always thinking of her mother, especially while making moon cakes with her father (voice of John Cho). They have a lovely bond, but she misses her mom, keeping her memory alive through stories of the Moon Goddess Chang’e (voice of Phillipa Soo). When he starts dating and becomes engaged to Mrs. Zhong (voice of Sandra Oh), Fei Fei is heartbroken. Determined to make a point and prove that Chang’e exists, she begins work on a rocket that will blast her to the moon. There, she’ll show everyone. Perhaps unexpectedly, it works, and a great musical adventure begins. Glen Keane co-directs with John Kahrs, while Audrey Wells penned the screenplay. Steven Price composed the score. Other voice actors here include Robert G. Chiu, Margaret Cho, Ken Jeong, and plenty more.

From the songs to the animation itself, this one soars. Even if the story will seem a little more than familiar to older audience members, the vibrancy of the colors and the catchy nature of the songs will go a long way towards making you smile. The Asian voice cast, actually chosen to play Asian characters, bring a little something extra to their roles, enveloping them in a realism that you don’t expect from a lark like that. Plus, Glen Keane will make you immediately want to taste a moon cake, and that’s a cute little fringe benefit. Kids will adore this film, but adults will certainly enjoy it as well.

Over the Moon is almost certainly going to be an Oscar nominee in Best Animated Feature. It’s too good for the Academy to even think about snubbing it. Now, can it get past the Pixar likes of Onward and Soul for the win? That might be a tougher sell, more so in regard to the latter than the former, but anything is possible. Plus, this is a definite contender in Best Original Song, so Netflix has a few avenues to pursue with this one. Don’t sleep on it, since it does evoke classic Disney in the ways that voters will probably look kindly upon.

This weekend, anyone looking for a high quality animated flick can give a look to Over the Moon when it joins the streaming roster on Netflix. At the very least, a song or two will immediately be stuck in your head. The service is hoping to dominate the Academy Awards this time around, in basically all categories. Over the Moon certainly goes a long way towards helping them compete in Animated Feature and Original Song. Whether it can slay the Pixar giant or not remains to be seen, but this is a wonderful movie that deserves to be seen. Give it a look once it drops and you’ll immediately understand why…

Be sure to check out Over the Moon, streaming on Netflix this Friday!

(Photos courtesy of Netflix)

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