Articles By: Joey Magidson

A graduate of Stony Brook University (where he studied Cinema and Cultural Studies), resides in Brooklyn, New York. He contributes to several other film-related websites and is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

“The Tax Collector” Showcases The Best And Worst Of David Ayer

There are several constants that you find in a David Ayer movie. He loves to explore the world of crime, as well as the thin lines of good and evil that exist within the criminal underworld. The same goes for when he’s focusing on cops (or even, I suppose, anti-heroes[...]

“I Used To Go Here” Is A Winning Hangout Comedy

What would you do if you wound up back at college? Many of us have wondered that over the years since graduating, but too many movies that think about that go broad and silly in their depiction. Not here, however, as I Used to Go Here finds a perfect angle[...]

“Waiting For The Barbarians” Makes You Wait Far Too Long

At the core of Waiting for the Barbarians, a surprisingly star-studded new independent release, is a concept that’s worthy of top-tier cinematic execution. Unfortunately, despite solid performances, great cinematography, and strong themes that should resonate, the emotion of it all is held too much at arm’s length. Being an intellectual[...]

“Mulan” Will Come To Disney+ In September…For An Extra Charge

For months, the fate of Disney’s live action Mulan remake has been up in the air. It’s seemed like whatever Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan’s Tenet did, Mulan followed. Now, however, Disney is changing the game. In early September, they’re going to have their would be tentpole open on Disney+.[...]

James D’Arcy Discusses His Directorial Debut “Made In Italy”

There’s almost always something really interesting to hear about when an actor makes their directorial debut, and especially when they’ve written the project as well. This was, unsurprisingly, no exception a few days ago when I was able to hop on the phone to chat for a few minutes with[...]

Jerry O’Connell Is Wasted In The Deeply Unfunny “Ballbuster”

Jerry O’Connell deserved better. Frankly, anyone does than this, though O’Connell in particular is a solid actor who has thrived in raunchy comedies before. However, this marks a career low-point, if not for him (he at least still tries) than his agent for passing this script on to him. Ballbuster[...]

Steve McQueen’s “Lovers Rock” Will Open The 2020 New York Film Festival

Moments ago, the New York Film Festival announced their Opening Night Selection, and it’s not a title you’d expect. Going in a different direction than at least I anticipated, they’ve tapped Steve McQueen’s Lovers Rock as the Opener. Part of a five movie collection of McQueen’s called the Small Axe[...]

“Made In Italy” Is A Pleasing Father And Son Story

Tales of fathers and sons are nothing new to movies. It’s all in how you choose to tell this story. For some, it becomes a gritty drama. For others, it becomes a silly comedy. Often, a road trip is involved. Actor turned writer/director James D’Arcy manages to take a tiny[...]

Ron Howard Chronicles The Human Spirit In “Rebuilding Paradise”

Lately, Ron Howard has had his eye on the documentary format. The Academy Award winning director, long known as the helmer of dramatic Oscar fare (after his career as an actor, of course), has recently been interested in non-fiction. Mostly, it’s been musically inclined, with works like The Beatles: Eight[...]

“Summerland” Goes For Your Emotions

Making a tearjerker that still has a sense of fun to it is a fairly difficult proposition. After all, you want the emotions to seem real, so the playfulness can’t overwhelm it, or frankly, vice-versa. While the back half of Summerland goes for emotions and tears more than the first[...]