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Updated Oscar Predictions For Late November

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving yesterday! Now, filled with turkey and stuffing, we turn our attention back to the Academy Awards. As mentioned in our last post, voters are almost assuredly pouring over screeners during this break, so it’s a pivotal time in the race. Assuming members of the[...]

Happy Thanksgiving! Today Is A Huge Day In The Awards Season

It’s Thanksgiving! Yes, as many of you are watching Detroit Lions and/or Dallas Cowboys football, spending time with family/friends, eating, and maybe even going to the movies on what some of us like to call Turkey Day, the holiday is also an essential moment in the Oscar race. Members of[...]

“The Two Popes” Is Shockingly Entertaining, As Well As Moving

Of all the films I’ve seen in 2019, none has emerged as quite the pleasant surprise that The Two Popes has. On the surface, nothing about this project interested me. I’m not religious, I don’t especially see religious figures as compelling characters, and so one. Yet, here we are with[...]

Rian Johnson Has “Knives Out” For Daniel Craig And Company, With Very Pleasing Results

Old fashioned murder mysteries clearly appeal to Rian Johnson. The filmmaker has an affinity for those long time entertainment staples, and it’s that affection that helps him so deftly sharpen and update the tropes in Knives Out, his fiendishly clever whodunit. With a star studded ensemble cast, strong writing, a[...]

“Queen & Slim” Has Mixed Success With Its Explosive Message

Some films are easy to discuss. Others are difficult to break down, especially when it comes to their problematic elements. Queen & Slim decidedly falls into the latter category, mixing some really strong moments with a number of issues that holds it back. For all of the strong performances, compelling[...]

Box Office Report For November 22-24

Welcome back one and all to the weekly box office report! As is always the case, each and every Sunday you can expect a look at what made the most money in theaters, as well as just how all of the new releases fared. This week, with Thanksgiving on the[...]

Taking A Fourth Crack At Golden Globe Predictions

Believe it or not, we’re only about two weeks away from the Golden Globe nominations being announced. Somehow, we’ve spent months checking in on this precursor from time to time, so there actually isn’t that much more to say. Early next month, right before the announcement, we’ll have a full[...]

Mark Ruffalo Brings A Passionate Determination To “Dark Waters”

On the surface, it’s fair to wonder why an auteur like Todd Haynes took on this project. After all, legal dramas are compelling cinema, for sure, but hardly places for visual experimentation. One would think that something of this nature would be a waste of his talents. Well, Dark Waters[...]

The 2019 Independent Spirit Award Nominations Are Led By “The Lighthouse” And ‘Uncut Gems”

Moments ago, the Film Independent Spirit Award nominations for 2019 were announced. Though pulling from a very different crop than the Academy Awards do, the Spirit Awards do have some cross over each year. While success here assures a title of little, making moves with this group never hurts while[...]

“Frozen II” Is A Music-Filled Sequel To The Smash Hit Animated Tale

When Frozen came out over half a decade ago and, no pun intended, set the world on fire, it was only a matter of time until Disney made a sequel. Now, Frozen II arrives, hoping to recapture the magic of that global cinematic sensation. Though not on the same level[...]