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“Frank & Zed” Is A One Of A Kind Puppet Horror Film

I love when puppets are naughty. Ironically, I’m also a huge fan of the Muppets, who are somewhat more wholesome, but the concept has always thrilled me. As one of the few who enjoyed The Happytime Murders, I’m always down for a puppet engaging in some weird shenanigans. Now, we[...]

“The Wolf Of Snow Hallow” Finds Awkward Comedy In A Horror-Tinged Murder Mystery

Two movies in, actor and writer/director Jim Cummings has certainly proven to be a talent full of idiosyncrasies. His debut, Thunder Road, made him someone to watch, while now, we have his sophomore feature to consider. Hitting this week, The Wolf of Snow Hallow sees Cummings turning his odd eye[...]

Adam Sandler (Mostly) Returns To Comedic Form With “Hubie Halloween”

You really do usually know what you’re getting with a new Adam Sandler comedy on Netflix. After all, the actor and comedian has been consistently putting his movies on to the streaming service for years, being one of the first to commit to them. Obviously, last year’s turn in Uncut[...]

Netflix Releases A First Teaser Trailer For David Fincher’s “Mank”

Moments ago, Netflix dropped a Teaser Trailer for Mank, one of their prime awards vehicles for 2020. An epic looking film, it certainly seems like it will stand out from the pack, especially when movies of this size and scope have almost entirely shifted into 2021 and even 2022, due[...]

“Charm City Kings” Needs A Bit More Charm

Sundance Film Festival alums that receive a ton of acclaim usually have one of two paths. They either end up as Oscar players, taking that strong buzz and carving out a path in the awards season, or they crumble under the weight of added expectations. For every one of the[...]

Trailer For “Minari” Showcases Another Potential Oscar Player

Lost in the shuffle a bit last week, A24 dropped a Trailer for one of their big Academy Award hopefuls this year. Plus, it’s a movie that actually seems to still be coming out, which is an achievement these days! Yes, those who weren’t at the Sundance Film Festival have[...]

“Dune” Gets Delayed To 2021

Another one bites the dust. Just a few short days after James Bond suffered the same fate with his film No Time to Die, Dune is next in the barrel. Word has just come down that Warner Bros. has taken the big science fiction flick off of their 2020 releases[...]

“The Boys In The Band” Can’t Escape Its Stage Limitations

There are plenty of hit Broadway productions that are aching to be translated to film. Conversely, there are tons of shows that really have no need for a cinematic adaptation. It’s the ones that fall in between which present a paradox for creatives. Adapt it right and you could have[...]

MGM And Universal Push “No Time To Die” To 2021

James Bond continues to not be immune to the Coronavirus. After all, no one is, as we’ve learned over these last many months. Yesterday, word came down that MGM and Universal had decided to again delay the release of No Time to Die, the newest Bond outing, as well as[...]

“Death Of Me” Brings Marital Terror To A Secluded Island

It’s always an added bonus when a horror film does something a bit different. Whether it’s a concept or just a setting, the ability to differentiate oneself can sometimes make a real difference. Such is the case with Death of Me, which could easily be described as “The Hangover but[...]