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“Glee” spring premiere episode will run long

The hit show “Glee” from FOX has announced that when it makes its spring premiere on Tuesday, April 13, the show will run extra long. The episode will run from 9:28-10:30 pm, so if you plan on taping the show, you better make sure you set it to not miss[...]

Tribeca Film Festival to screen “Ticked Off Trannies with Knives” despite opposition from GLAAD

BY GREG HERNANDEZ The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is getting some criticism for asking the Tribeca Film Festival to remove the film Ticked off Trannies With Knives from its schedule. GLAAD, as I shared in yesterday’s post, says the film, its title and its marketing misrepresent the lives of[...]

Jesse James still texting alleged mistress #2

Jesse James just can’t get enough of all this media attention. You would think after having four alleged mistresses come forward accusing him of having an affair with them he would stay well away. Shouldn’t he be focusing on repairing his relationship with his wife, Sandra Bullock, rather than frolicking[...]

John Lennon Film Set for 70th Birthday Release

BY ROGER FRIEDMAN “Nowhere Boy,” the acclaimed film that tells the story of John Lennon’s early days, has gotten a US release date. I am told that The Weinstein Company will give “Nowhere Boy” its launch on Friday, October 8th, to mark what would have been Lennon’s 70th birthday the next day. “Nowhere[...]

‘The Other Guys’ motion poster debuts – but what’s a motion poster?

Thursday on Yahoo Movies, Sony Pictures debuted an exclusive “motion poster” for the upcoming film The Other Guys, starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. Not to be confused with one of those lenticular images that shifts back and forth when you pass by, this little puzzle piece of promotion appears[...]

Russell Crowe’s “Robin Hood” to open Cannes

It’s official: Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” will open the 63rd Festival de Cannes on Wednesday, May 12, according to Variety. The film will be presented out of competition. Scott’s blockbuster reunites him with “Gladiator” star Russell Crowe, who will play the dashing English war hero who returns to his village in[...]

Blogger Wars: Variety vs. Entertainment Blogosphere

By ROBERT W. WELKOS The war between “Variety” and the entertainment blogosphere is heating up. “Los Angeles Times” film columnist Patrick Goldstein reports that the Hollywood trade publication “Variety” isn’t pleased getting scooped day in and day out on casting decisions by upstart online outfits. “My sources at a number of different[...]

Carey Mulligan as new Eliza Doolittle?

BY STAFF British actress Carey Mulligan is going to take a stab at playing Eliza Doolittle in a remake of the 1964 Audrey Hepburn classic “My Fair Lady.” At least, that’s what actress Emma Thompson, who has written the new version of the film, is saying. “I think Carey is set[...]

Megan Mullally quits Broadway show before it even opens after clashing with director

BY GREG HERNANDEZ Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for this one. Will & Grace alum Megan Mullally, Tony nominated for her performance in Broadway’s Young Frankenstein a few years back, has quit the Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of Lips Together, Teeth Apart in some kind showdown[...]

Talented Matthew Montgomery to produce and star in upcoming film “Finding Mr. Right”

BY GREG HERNANDEZ It’s very exciting to share this news because anytime Matthew Montgomery is in a movie, I know that I will want to see it. The star of such indie films as Long-Term Relationship, Back Soon, Gone But Not Forgotten, Redwoods and Socket has also been a prolific producer whose[...]