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“A Prophet” Should Be One of the Oscar Winners

“A Prophet,” starring Tahar Rahim and directed by Jacques Audiard, is undoubtedly one of the best films of 2009. This film should win the Oscar for “Best Foreign Feature.” Tahar is phenomenal, so are all the cast members. It is a MUST see. It is the story of a young[...]

Sandra Bullock should cap banner year with an Oscar nod

Few actors had as productive a year as Sandra Bullock. News broke this morning that the star of both a summer-smash-hit (“The Proposal”) and an awards hopeful (“The Blind Side”) has been voted the Top Money-Making Star of 2009 in Quigley Publishing Company’s 78th Annual Poll of Exhibitors. The last[...]

Is “Nine” tumbling out of Oscar’s 10?

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “Innocent until proven guilty.” Well, in the Oscar race, certain prestige films are frontrunners until they are not so successful. Alex Dobuzinskis reports for Reuters that nearly one week after expanding the picture from 4 screens to 1,412 screens, The Weinstein Co. is pulling prints[...]

Sam Worthington added to Golden Globes Presenter List

Sam Worthingtonm, Nicole Kidman and Steven Spielberg have all been added to be presenters at the 67th Golden Globes. They join already confirmed celebs Jennifer Aniston, Halle Barry, Mickey Rourke, Collin Farrell, Matthew Fox, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. Other “Avatar” star Zoe Saldana most likely will[...]

Meryl Streep Nominated Twice By The Golden Globes

Those foreign members of the Hollywood Foreign Press AKA “The Golden Globes” love Meryl Streep. She has been nominated 25 times and won six times. This year she is being nominated for “It’s Complicated” and “Julie & Julia.” So, will she have better chances to win? or will this double nomination[...]

Will Michael Jackson’s “This” be it?

I’m not a big proponent of 10 Best Picture nominations because I fear it waters down the field. We annually have – at most – two frontrunners in the months-long Oscar race. This season, instead of three also-rans with no real shot of taking home the top prize on Oscar[...]

Oscar Race: And The Winner Is

As we all know, the Academy expanded its best picture field to include 10 slots for the first time since 1943; moved the presentation of honorary Oscars from a segment of the Oscar show to a separate evening altogether; and now begins to deliberate between giving its best picture Oscar[...]

Oscar Campaigns Downsize

This year expensive gifts and lavish parties are out. Instead, private intimate events are in. By invitation only parties hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio, Fox co-chairman Jim Gianopulos and producer Lawrence Bender have been the norm this last week. Sorry, no more lavish parties…after all this year’s box office has been only $10[...]

Is “AVATAR” the best picture?

Is “AVATAR” the best picture front-runner for the Oscars? The screening of AVATAR at the Academy was received with long applause for everything. So, with the worldwide gross of $232 million, James Cameron’s movie may become the front runner for the Oscars. However, we can not forget “The Hurt Locker,”[...]

82nd Academy Awards List 274

The complete list of 274 films have been named eligible for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. 281 films qualified in 2008, and this is still far less than the 300-400 that made the cut in years before. According to the Academy Awards press release the rules for eligibility include: – Feature[...]