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“Captain Marvel” And “Us”: Films To See In March

Now that we’ve full on put the 91st Academy Awards in the rearview mirror, let us now focus on 2019 releases with all of our attention. Yes, we now officially move on to March releases, a month where we essentially get a preview of the summer movie season. Awards type[...]

Dev Patel Delivers Strong Work In “The Wedding Guest” But The Whole Package Falls Short Of The Mark

I think it’s safe to say that Dev Patel is an underrated leading man in Hollywood, that is, when he’s actually given a leading role. Those are few and far between for him. Still, when he’s allowed the chance, he shows his chops, even if the material is not up[...]

“The Irishman” And “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”: Year In Advance Academy Award Predictions For 2019

Folks, there is absolutely no rest for the weary. As I like to say, just like the Oscar winning film Crazy Heart once said in its signature song, “this ain’t no place for the weary kind”. Yes, only a matter of days after the 91st Academy Awards ceremony, I’m already[...]

Trailer Drops For Emilio Estevez’s Next Directorial Outing “The Public”

Yesterday, a Trailer hit for a film I’d been curious about for a while. It’s called The Public, which marks the latest writing and directing project for Emilio Estevez. His previous outings have been some of the more underrated flicks of the past handful of years, so his was something[...]

The Best And Worst Of The 91st Academy Awards

This is the last one, I promise. After this, it’s on to full on 2019 coverage. To wrap up my coverage of the Oscars today, it only makes sense to make it into a list. It’s one of my favorite things to do, after all. The Academy Awards always have[...]

“Saint Judy” Is A Timely Yet Incomplete Biopic

The traditional biopic is slowly becoming a relic of the cinematic past. By and large, films made about real life public figures tend to try and find a new angle in depicting someone’s life. That way, it can never feel recycled or stale. However, some movies are still taking the[...]

Breaking Down The 91st Oscar Results

It doesn’t feel like we’re no longer in awards season, does it? And yet, on Friday I’ll reveal my year in advance Oscar predictions for 2020. Crazy, I know. Still, before we fully look forward, I want to continue coverage of the 91st Academy Awards. Today and tomorrow will be[...]

One Year After His Heart Attack, Kevin Smith Is Officially Filming “Jay And Silent Bob Reboot”

Too often, stories about the film industry center on the negative. There isn’t enough focus on when good things happen, especially when they happen to good people. At least for a moment today, I want to turn our attention to something nice. On Monday, Kevin Smith celebrated the one year[...]

“Woman At War” Is A Unique And Comedic Icelandic Offering

Iceland is one of the most interesting places in the world. For all intents and purposes, it can look and feel like being on another planet. At the same time, it’s not off-putting in any way. I’ve actually been to Iceland. It’s a really beautiful and unique place, and that’s[...]

Are We Actually Better Off Without An Oscar Host?

In the wake of the Oscars on Sunday, something has been on my mind. Namely, I’ve been pondering the whole host/lack of a host thing. In the lead up to the Academy Awards, I was definitely in the camp of thinking that a host was absolutely essential. Now, having seen[...]
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