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Updated Academy Award Predictions After ACE Eddie, ADG, Annie, and DGA Results

We’re careening towards the Oscars, ladies and gentlemen. A little over two weeks from now, Academy Award winners will be crowned and we’ll be on to next season. Seems crazy, doesn’t it? Well, with almost every precursor having chimed in by now, that’s where we stand. As such, it’s time[...]

“Anywhere With You” Presents An Intimate Slice Of Life

Being young and just starting out can be a rough time. It’s also prime source material for young filmmakers to tell their stories. One film in particular, the just getting released Anywhere With You, is mining just that territory. Is it old hat, especially in independent cinema? Of course it[...]

Sam Elliott Lives Up To His Name In “The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot”

It has never been better to be Sam Elliott than it is now. 2017 brought a wonderful vehicle for the man in The Hero, giving him a lovely showcase. Kudos to filmmaker Brett Haley for doing that, after giving him a plum supporting role in I’ll See You In My[...]

“St. Agatha” Is A Chilling Experience

When a horror film subverts your expectations, that’s almost always a recipe for success. One would be easily forgiven for assuming that St. Agatha would traffic in the same sort of territory as last year’s awful The Nun. Instead, while still thoroughly being a fright flick, this effort goes in[...]

“Under the Eiffel Tower” Wastes Rich Comedic Potential

For years now, Veep has been one of the absolute funniest shows on television. That’s due, in no small part, to the efforts of a cast that includes Reid Scott and Matt Walsh. They’re both hilarious actors, blessed with the capability to embarrass themselves in the most humorous of ways.[...]

Marvel Scores At The Visual Effects Society Awards

Last night, the 17th annual Visual Effects Society Awards were held. The gala represented a moment to honor some of the types of films that don’t usually get cited during the precursor season. Mostly, it’s an opportunity to see which movie or movies are the frontrunners in the Best Visual[...]

An Old Story Can’t Find A New Angle In “The Amityville Murders”

There’s a reason that this particular story keeps getting told over and over again. A family, seemingly perfect, that up and butchers themselves? Yeah, that’s fascinating. Whether it’s because of demonic forces or (more likely) just your garden variety insanity, there’s something there that makes for potentially strong horror filmmaking.[...]

“The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part” Is A Worthy Sequel

Who wasn’t surprised and delighted by The LEGO Movie when it sort of came out of nowhere a few years ago? An animated film based on a line of toys, it had every right to be an utter cash grab with few in the way of redeeming qualities. Instead, it[...]

“Cold Pursuit” Puts A Deliciously Dark Comedy Spin On The Liam Neeson Revenge Tale

Just as we were reaching peak exhaustion with Liam Neeson kicking ass, along comes something fresh and new. Once upon a time, Taken showcased the dramatic actor as an action hero. Myriad sequels and knockoffs later, there didn’t seem like there was much more to do with Neeson in the[...]

Annie Awards Are Dominated By “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

This weekend saw a quartet of important precursors hand out awards that could very well be clues as to what Academy members will be doing in about three weeks. Yes, Friday night saw the American Cinema Editors give out their annual ACE Eddie prizes, while Saturday evening had both the[...]