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“Nail In The Coffin: The Fall And Rise Of Vampiro” Follows The Redemption Of A Potentially Tragic Figure

Pro wrestlers often lead tragic lives. That’s just sort of baked into the cake of professional wrestling. The athletes live hard, indulge often times in various substances, and simply don’t have a particularly long life expectancy. Those who live to be old men and women are in the minority. Even[...]

“Tenet” Is Poised To Open To Over $20 Million This Weekend At The Domestic Box Office

We’re still nowhere near the point where a dedicated box office column on a Sunday makes sense. However, with Tenet now in U.S. theaters (where allowed), coming on the heels of The New Mutants opening in August, there’s at least some box office news worth discussing. All eyes, in terms[...]

Robert Pattinson Tests Positive For COVID-19 And Halts Production Of “The Batman”

Lest you think that the Coronavirus pandemic is in any way behind us, due to film productions restarting and some movie theaters opening up (as well as a certain blockbuster hitting screens), some recent news came as a reminder to the contrary. A few days ago, it was reported that[...]

“The Argument” Masks Its Creativity Before Embracing Its Weirdness

For a significant portion of the The Argument’s running time, there’s a sense of waiting for the other shoe to drop. The set up for the film isn’t particularly strong, and all throughout the first act, it’s hard not to feel like the production is going through the motion. It[...]

“Mulan” Comes Vividly To Life For Disney

When a live-action remake of Mulan was announced by Disney, there was a mix of excitement and trepidation. On the one hand, the epic feel of the story and the battle sequences were tailor made for the blockbuster treatment. On the other hand, however, would it feel different? After all,[...]

“No Time To Die” Gets A Thrilling New Trailer!

Earlier this morning, a new Trailer dropped for No Time to Die, the latest in the James Bond franchise. Delayed from its initial Spring release, this one now hits theaters in November, deep into the fall/early on in the Winter. Representing the swan song for Daniel Craig in the role,[...]

“Feels Good Man” Showcases The Danger And Power Of Internet Culture Run Amok

When you think about Pepe the Frog, what comes to mind? In all likelihood, it’s either something tied to an internet meme, or more recently, the alt-right political movement. For many, that’s the only thing that they’ve been exposed to, in regards to the cartoon frog. However, the drawing began[...]

The Best Films And Performances Of The First Two Thirds Of 2020

Welcome to September, ladies and gentlemen. With the summer coming to and end, the fall almost upon us, and the COVID-19 pandemic still very much impacting the industry, much is still up in the air. Such is life with the coronavirus holding up much of the film industry. As fitting[...]

“I’m Thinking Of Ending Things” Is A Challenging Journey Into Charlie Kaufman’s Concerns

Charlie Kaufman is unlike any other creative force in the business. One only needs to look at his resume and you’ll see, both as a writer as well as a director, that he’s a singular talent. He sees the world, and interprets it as art, like no one else. At[...]

“Robin’s Wish” Looks Tenderly At The Comedian’s Final Days And The Illness That Claimed His Life

The death of Robin Williams hit everyone hard. It just did. While the initial reports about his passing spoke about depression or a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, it wasn’t until a time later that any details about the actual problem surfaced. That would be Lewy Body Dementia, a cruel disorder that[...]