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“High Flying Bird” and “The LEGO Movie 2”: Movies To See In February

Welcome to the month of February folks! With the Academy Awards only a few weeks away, we’re soon going to have to fully focus in on the non Oscar contending titles. In the meantime, something of note here is that the slate is way better than January. There’s a half[...]

Dan Gilroy Takes A “Velvet Buzzsaw” To The Art World

When Dan Gilroy pairs with Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo, you know you’re in for something twisted. After blowing folks away with Nightcrawler, Gilroy went for something very different as his follow up with Roman J. Israel, ESQ. Now, tomorrow brings the release on Netflix, after the high profile debut[...]

“The Unicorn” Is A Cute Romantic Comedy With A Kinky Twist

If you don’t know what a “unicorn” is in the parlance of the bedroom, the title of this film may come as a bit of a surprise for you. A romantic comedy through and through, it explores a cute and fairly commonplace cinematic relationship, with the added bonus of throwing[...]

“Piercing” Is A Sickening Showcase For Christopher Abbott And Mia Wasikowska

When the author of the horror classic Audition sees his work adapted by the filmmaker behind The Eyes of My Mother, you know you’re in for something weird. Opening this week, Piercing is more than weird. It’s an often bizarre mix of comedy, horror, and suspense. It doesn’t fully work,[...]

Judd Apatow Has A New Directing Project In The Works

As one of the biggest names in modern comedy, filmmaker Judd Apatow has his hands in a lot of pies. Producing has been his bag of late, leading one to wonder when he man was planning on writing and/or directing something new. Sure, he’d made a documentary about The Avett[...]

Looking Back On Year In Advance Predictions As Awards Season Slows Down

Here’s an opportunity to embarrass myself. Back in March, I posted year in advance predictions for this Oscar season. As is always the case, these picks are never even close to accurate. One year, I managed to get about half of the ultimate Best Picture field, and that was pretty[...]

“Then Came You” Brings Quirk To A Teenager Tale Of Terminal Illness And Romance

It’s a little weird that there’s a multitude of films where teenagers fall in love, while at least one is sick. Usually, it’s cancer, though any terminal illness will do. These movies, largely based off of Young Adult books, run the gamut from cliched to heartbreaking. Beyond their YA roots,[...]

“All About Nina” – Eva Vives and Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Hollywood Film Tribute

Today we are recognizing All About Nina, as well as writer/director Eva Vives, plus star Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Our Hollywood Film Tributes recognize films and talent for their excellence in the art of filmmaking. Few things this season have been as disappointing as All About Nina not being a factor[...]

SAG Awards Go To “Black Panther”, Emily Blunt, and The Oscar Frontrunners

Last night, the Screen Actors Guild brought forth their annual awards show, marking yet another point in the precursor season. With SAG in the books, we’re now only a few precursors away from it just being down to the Academy Awards. Before we get to Oscar, we need to look[...]

Box Office Report for January 25-27

Welcome back to the weekly box office report! Each Sunday, expect a look at what made the most money in theaters, as well as just how all of the new releases fared. This week, The Kid Who Would Be King entered the marketplace, hoping to dethrone the current box office[...]