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Glee exclusive: Interview with Lauren Gottlieb on Vocal Adrenaline

By Fred Topel You’re going to see a lot of Lauren Gottlieb on Fox. On Glee, she plays a member of the rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline. She also returns to So You Think You Can Dance this summer as one of the All Stars dancing with the new[...]

Aaron Kelly eliminated from “American Idol” Last night pop star Lady Gaga performed on the show with her song “Alejandro,” and has created some controversy among the media today. The show cut down her six and a half minute performance, which included a slow intro of “Bad Romance,” to only five minutes. Probably not a[...]

Lady Gaga edited on “American Idol,” posts full performance online Lady Gaga’s appearance on last night’s “American Idol” results show has caused a bit of a controversy … not for what was shown, but rather for what was not. The pop sensation pre-taped a performance of her latest single, “Alejandro,” and apparently started with a slower riff of another[...]

“American Idol”: Last night’s lows, tonight’s Lady Gaga high

Tonight, the final five “American Idol” contestants will lower to the final four. But whoever the unlucky contestant who leaves tonight is, at least he will leave with Lady Gaga ringing in his ears. Lady Gaga will perform her newest hit, “Alejandro” tonight, as she announced on Twitter earlier today.[...]

“Glee” gives bad songs good reps

Being bad never felt so good. Last night’s episode of “Glee” took on some of the cheesiest songs of the past, and tried to make them cool again. And those glee kids know a thing or two about being uncool. After some of the glee club members released an embarrassing[...]

Jake Silbermann talks about his love triangle on “As the World Turns”

By Greg Hernandez With As the World Turns literally doing its last lap (the show goes off the air at the end of summer), how cool it is to have a nice gay love triangle developing! I don’t know about you, but I just think there are not near enough[...]

Bones’ author Kathy Reichs teases this week’s episode

Warning: Spoilers follow Kathy Reichs wrote the series of books on with the hit Fox show Bones is based. Her character, Temperence “Bones” Brennan leapt from Reich’s pages to TV screens in the form of actor Emily Deschanel. Reichs has her hands in the series as a producer but she[...]

Robert Pattinson jokes that Kristen Stewart is pregnant

By Kim Palacios It was a joke, and one that has already set the internet ablaze following multiple fan reports that English actor Robert Pattinson quipped that Kristen Stewart was “pregnant” during today’s taping of The Oprah Show. The two appeared on Oprah’s set in Chicago with Taylor Lautner to[...]

Oprah Show fans react to early screening of “Eclipse”

By Kim Palacios A handful of lucky Twi-hards got a double-whammy this morning at the taping of the 5/13 episode of The Oprah Show. Not only did they get to sit in the same room as their favorite film stars, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner as Oprah interviewed[...]

Justin Bieber fans’ note to Kim Kardashian: ‘Stay away from our man’ or else…

By Staff Who knew Justin Bieber fans were so vigilant, especially when it comes to their man, err boy. In the wake of getting to know Bieber at the White House Correspondents’ dinner over the weekend in Washington, D.C., Kim Kardashian, 29, has been receiving death threats from his fans.[...]