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“Donnybrook” Is Deadly Serious About Its Violent Nature

Filmmaker Tim Sutton has a dark view of the world. He’s shown that in previous features, but really doubles down with his newest work. Take any one scene from Donnybrook, Sutton’s new release that opened this weekend, and you’ll see an example of this. Grim and joyless, this portrait of[...]

The Academy Comes To Their Senses: All 24 Categories Will Be Presented During The Oscars

Yesterday, a welcome bit of sanity entered into this chaotic awards season. After months of speculation about how the Academy Award telecast would be handled, as well as the last few days after hearing which Oscar categories were snubbed from the live show, we have a return to normalcy. AMPAS[...]

Updated Academy Award Predictions As Voters Cast Their Ballots

In just over a week, the Oscar telecast, in what used to be all of its glory, will be held. There, those categories lucky enough to not be shown during commercial breaks will be honored. It’s the end of the road for this year’s Academy Awards, and thankfully, despite all[...]

“Searching” – John Cho: Hollywood Film Tribute

Today we are recognizing Searching, as well as its star John Cho. Our Hollywood Film Tributes recognize films and talent for their excellence in the art of filmmaking. Whenever a genre film goes above and beyond, it’s worth making a big deal about it. Searching is just such a movie. Emotional[...]

Could Spike Lee Be On The Verge Of Finally Winning An Oscar?

Of all the realistic outcomes of Oscar night, one of the most pleasing sights would be seeing Spike Lee on stage giving an acceptance speech. A five time Academy Award nominee (including three just this year), Lee is one of the highest profile filmmakers never to have been given a[...]

A Dog Saves The Day In “Patrick”

Dog movies almost always want to make you cry. The ones that just want to make you smile are few and far between. That’s usually the case with pet centric flicks, which is good for emotion, but sometimes rough for animal lovers like yours truly. It’s nice on occasion to[...]

Why Has “A Star Is Born” Underperformed During Awards Season?

With ballots in hand, something has been bugging me. Folks, it makes no sense that Bradley Cooper has been more successful at the Grammy Awards than at any film centric precursor this year. Just a few short months ago, A Star Is Born was poised to challenge for the most[...]

Trailer For “Yesterday” Sees Danny Boyle And Richard Curtis Imagine A World Without The Beatles

For a little bit now, we didn’t know much about what Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis were cooking up for their collaboration. Untitled, with only the barest hint of a plot (something involving a world where no one can remember The Beatles), it was all about the concept of Boyle[...]

“Fighting with My Family” Will Make You Stand Up And Cheer

Wrestling is predetermined. Some even call it fake. I myself have used that term, not really thinking. As a kid, I loved it. It lost some of its appeal to me as an adult, but lately it has had some nostalgic value. So, I was a prime target for Fighting[...]

We Now Know Which Categories Won’t Be Televised During The Oscars

A bad decision gets worse. Yesterday, in an email to the AMPAS membership, Academy President John Bailey revealed which categories are going to given out during the commercial portion of the Oscar telecast. We’ll tell you what they are next, but in what probably shouldn’t come as much of a[...]
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