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“Impractical Jokers: The Movie” Is Available In Homes And Is A Perfect Distraction From Real Life

For almost all of us, being stuck in our homes has led to mass amounts of boredom. For those like myself, not being able to go to the movie theater is a huge change from what we’re used to. Luckily, a number of films that came out just before the[...]

“Slay The Dragon” Expounds On The Dangers Of Gerrymandering

There are few more insidious and less democratic tools in the political toolbox than gerrymandering. The concept of essentially fixing an election to assure you win/your party stays in power indefinitely is inherently against what the United States is meant to stand for. The dangerous nature of gerrymandering, as well[...]

Jeff Cronenweth Discusses The Unique Job Of A Cinematographer

Cinematography is a true art form. To compose a memorable shot is something that one really does need a skill for. That doesn’t even take into account how a cinematographer must work well with a director, have an understanding of their camera, and an infinite number of other assets necessary[...]

“Never Rarely Sometimes Always” And “The Way Back”: The Best Of The First Quarter Of 2020

In some ways, it feels very silly to do this annual look at the best of the first quarter of the cinematic year. After all, the world has changed and the film world especially has come to a screeching halt. At the same time , a sense of normalcy however[...]

Sony Delays “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” And “Morbius” Until 2021 Due To Coronavirus

Another studio has opted to push off from the mess that is 2020. Sony, almost completely, has abandoned ship on the year and is moving their biggest titles into 2021. Obviously, this is due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the outbreak that has shuttered movie theaters indefinitely. Without a solid[...]

“Faith Based” Pokes Fun At A Very Unique Film Genre

Apologies if this offends anyone, but faith based films almost exclusively are terrible. In fact, they’re ripe for parody. After all, movies made on the cheap, appealing to an audience that only cares about quality in the broadest sense of the word, and can almost be assured of turning a[...]

The Top 25: Best Film Editing Winners

Welcome back, one and all. Continuing onward with this little weekly series I’m doing here on the site, we’re talking about the top 25 Oscar winners in just about every single one of the Academy Award categories out there for us to talk about. Aside from the short categories and[...]

Ryan Gosling Is Attached To Star In The Film Adaptation Of “The Martian” Author’s Next Novel

We haven’t had a lot of new movies coming together over the last month or so, which makes this bit of news even more deliciously enticing than it already is. MGM is currently in talks to acquire the rights to the film adaptation of Andy Weir’s next novel. Weir has[...]

“Vivarium” Is A Creative Exercise Re-Teaming Jesse Eisenberg With Imogen Poots

Last year, Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots co-starred in one of the best films you likely never saw. That was The Art of Self-Defense, among the most underrated movies of 2019 and a truly terrific tale. Today, they team up again in a similarly unique title, though subject matter wise,[...]

The Golden Globes Will Have New Eligibility Rules Due To Coronavirus

Among the many changes that we’re seeing due to the Coronavirus outbreak and ensuing pandemic, look for the awards season to be impacted to some degree. A lot of that remains to be seen, but one of the first dominos has fallen, as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced[...]