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SAG Awards Go To “Black Panther”, Emily Blunt, and The Oscar Frontrunners

Last night, the Screen Actors Guild brought forth their annual awards show, marking yet another point in the precursor season. With SAG in the books, we’re now only a few precursors away from it just being down to the Academy Awards. Before we get to Oscar, we need to look[...]

Box Office Report for January 25-27

Welcome back to the weekly box office report! Each Sunday, expect a look at what made the most money in theaters, as well as just how all of the new releases fared. This week, The Kid Who Would Be King entered the marketplace, hoping to dethrone the current box office[...]

Tonight Brings The Screen Actors Guild Awards!

This evening, the Screen Actors Guild will chime in with their annual SAG Awards ceremony. This will mark a pivotal point in the season, as Academy Award voters will shortly be making their final decisions. As such, the Guild will be a powerful indicator for Oscar, at least potentially. We’ll[...]

“Wildlife” – Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan, and Carey Mulligan: Hollywood Film Tribute

Today we are recognizing Wildlife, as well as co-writer/director Paul Dano, plus co-writer Zoe Kazan and star Carey Mulligan. Our Hollywood Film Tributes recognize films and talent for their excellence in the art of filmmaking. In a just world, Dano and Kazan’s script for Wildlife would have been a no[...]

Christopher Nolan Has A New Film Coming Out Next Summer

Rejoice, as one of Hollywood’s biggest filmmakers has a new project in the works! Yes, yesterday evening word came down that Christopher Nolan has set a release date for his next film. Nothing is known about he movie yet, aside from its July release date, but it’s enough to get[...]

A First Crack At Post Nomination Predictions For The Academy Awards

With a few days of space in the Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday, it seems like a perfect time to dive into new predictions, right? Well, that’s just what is happening today. With full knowledge of who and what is in the running for wins, a whole new phase[...]

“Serenity” Strands Anne Hathaway And Matthew McConaughey On A Nonsensical Island

Where to begin? There is so many things wrong with Serenity, the new thriller hitting theaters today, that’s hard to find an entry point. The initial thriller set up isn’t compelling, the performances are unfocused and incredibly broad, and the insane twist is one that ranks among the worst we’ve[...]

“The Mustang” and “Velvet Buzzsaw”: Films to Anticipate at the Sundance Film Festival

In the midst of the Oscar season each year, something very different goes on in Utah. Specifically in Park City, the annual Sundance Film Festival occurs, highlighting much of what will be the independent fare offered up for a given year. This year, Sundance is again showcasing some very intriguing[...]

“King of Thieves” Is A Royal Disappointment

It’s a huge bummer when a movie wastes incredible talent. Any film that boasts a cast like this, with Michael Caine at the top in a starring role, teaming up with Jim Broadbent, Tom Courtenay, Charlie Cox, Michael Gambon, and Ray Winstone, the final product should be way better. Throw[...]

An “Alternate” Look at Yesterday’s Oscar nominations and What They Could Have Been

Ladies and gentlemen, after the intensity of waiting for the Academy Award nominations, it’s time for something a little bit fun today. As we wait for the ballots to go out to Academy members and final Oscar voting to get underway (which is still a little ways away at this[...]