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Steve McQueen’s “Lovers Rock” Will Open The 2020 New York Film Festival

Moments ago, the New York Film Festival announced their Opening Night Selection, and it’s not a title you’d expect. Going in a different direction than at least I anticipated, they’ve tapped Steve McQueen’s Lovers Rock as the Opener. Part of a five movie collection of McQueen’s called the Small Axe[...]

“Made In Italy” Is A Pleasing Father And Son Story

Tales of fathers and sons are nothing new to movies. It’s all in how you choose to tell this story. For some, it becomes a gritty drama. For others, it becomes a silly comedy. Often, a road trip is involved. Actor turned writer/director James D’Arcy manages to take a tiny[...]

Ron Howard Chronicles The Human Spirit In “Rebuilding Paradise”

Lately, Ron Howard has had his eye on the documentary format. The Academy Award winning director, long known as the helmer of dramatic Oscar fare (after his career as an actor, of course), has recently been interested in non-fiction. Mostly, it’s been musically inclined, with works like The Beatles: Eight[...]

“Summerland” Goes For Your Emotions

Making a tearjerker that still has a sense of fun to it is a fairly difficult proposition. After all, you want the emotions to seem real, so the playfulness can’t overwhelm it, or frankly, vice-versa. While the back half of Summerland goes for emotions and tears more than the first[...]

Updated Academy Award Predictions For The End Of July!

With August coming tomorrow, this would usually be prime time for a new updated to Oscar predictions. However, these are not normal times, so for many pundits, awards season prognostication is on hold. Call me crazy, though, but I’m keeping at it. Am I (as I stated on social media[...]

“The Cuban” Has Music In Its Heart But Not Enough Meat On Its Bones

Cuba is a really interesting place. I’ve actually been there, though only for a day, back a few years ago before the U.S. government again made it difficult to travel to the island. I only mention this to bring up the potential inherent in setting a story even partially in[...]

The Toronto International Film Festival Showcases Its Full Lineup

After unveiling a few of the works that would be at the fest, the Toronto International Film Festival has today releases their full lineup for 2020. Obviously, this comes in the wake of COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic changing what film festivals will be like this year. Toronto had already[...]

Kevin Smith’s Horror Anthology “Killroy Was Here” Gets A Trailer

For anyone who loves Kevin Smith (and it’s no secret that I’m chief among them), it’s been a bit of a wait for news on Killroy Was Here. Shot a few years ago, the horror anthology took a backseat to Jay and Silent Bob Reboot in the wake of Smith’s[...]

“She Dies Tomorrow” Will Prove Impossible To Shake

There isn’t anything else even close to She Dies Tomorrow out there. That sort of comment is bandied about in independent cinema a lot, especially when something is a little bit unique. This week’s high profile indie in She Dies Tomorrow, however, is the real deal. Not only is the[...]

The Venice Film Festival Reveals Its Lineup

Hot on the heels of the 2020 New York Film Festival releasing its first selection in Nomadland (taking the Centerpiece slot at the fest), Venice is chiming in as well. Not only are they also going to be showing Chloe Zhao’s movie, but the festival has in fact unveiled its[...]