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“Tenet” May Have A New Release Planned

Warner Bros. seems determined to keep Christopher Nolan happy and try to find a way to release Tenet in theaters this year. It appears today that a compromise has been reached, as the WB and Nolan seem to have found a way to truly do a non-traditional release. In short,[...]

Rosamund Pike And Marjane Satrapi Attempt To Pay Tribute To Marie Curie

Traditional biopics are slowly becoming a thing of the cinematic past. After all, as the film industry concentrates more and more on blockbusters, there’s less space to begin with for smaller, character based titles. Then, there’s the fact that some truly top notch biopics have found unusual ways to tell[...]

Be Sure To Check The New Episodes Of The Hollywood News® Podcast!

LISTEN TO ALL OUR HOLLYWOOD NEWS PODCASTS A friendly reminder to you all on this Sunday afternoon…make sure you listen to the recent episodes of the Hollywood News Podcast, highlighted by new ones with actor Dave Franco and director/actor Timothy Busfield. Previously, the episodes had a focus on Emmy contenders[...]

“Most Wanted” Is Only Mostly A Compelling Crime Thriller

There’s a frustrating element to watching a film that is only partly effective. Certain elements draw you in, while others push you away. Sometimes that can be a content issue, but in the case of Most Wanted, it’s more just in how the story is being told. The dramatic elements,[...]

The Top 25: Best Makeup & Hairstyling Winners

Slowly but surely, we’re once again coming to the end of the line for this series folks. Yes, this time around I’ll be tackling the last of the technical categories in this series. After this week, it’s all the remaining big eight categories from here on out. This one today[...]

Paramount Pushes “A Quiet Place Part 2” And “Top Gun: Maverick” To Next Year!

The steady stream of theatrical content away from 2020 continues. In addition to Disney’s news yesterday, Paramount has also opted to shift some of their tentpoles to 2021. Namely, they’re again pushing A Quiet Place Part 2 and Top Gun: Maverick. The former was one of the very first films[...]

Disney Removes “The French Dispatch” And “Mulan” From Their Schedule, Plus More!

At this point, we should basically be working under the assumption that major new releases won’t be opening in movie theaters anytime soon. A big film just doesn’t have the ability to reach audiences in cinemas, due to COVID-19. The pandemic has claimed some potential new flicks today, as Disney[...]

Dave Franco Chats About His Unsettling Directorial Debut “The Rental”

When it was first announced that actor Dave Franco was going to be making his feature directorial debut with a horror film he’d co-written with Joe Swanberg, it was…surprising. After all, Franco is known for comedy more so than other genres, and horror did not initially seem like something you’d[...]

“Yes God Yes” Sees Natalia Dyer Discover Sexuality In A Surprisingly Chaste Manner

A coming of age story can take a number of routes when doing its thing. Some opt to really get raunchy, relying on sex to sell. Others focus on the emotional journey of a teenager. Few are able to meld the two cohesively, since there’s usually a high art/low art[...]

Timothy Busfield Talks Baseball, Directing, The Future Of The Industry, And “Guest Artist”

For many, Timothy Busfield is just an actor, someone who often shows up in the work of Aaron Sorkin. For others, he’s a part of such baseball classics as Field of Dreams and Little Big League. Busfield, however, is not just an accomplished actor, but an award-winning director as well,[...]