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“Yes God Yes” Sees Natalia Dyer Discover Sexuality In A Surprisingly Chaste Manner

A coming of age story can take a number of routes when doing its thing. Some opt to really get raunchy, relying on sex to sell. Others focus on the emotional journey of a teenager. Few are able to meld the two cohesively, since there’s usually a high art/low art[...]

Timothy Busfield Talks Baseball, Directing, The Future Of The Industry, And “Guest Artist”

For many, Timothy Busfield is just an actor, someone who often shows up in the work of Aaron Sorkin. For others, he’s a part of such baseball classics as Field of Dreams and Little Big League. Busfield, however, is not just an accomplished actor, but an award-winning director as well,[...]

Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” Has Been Delayed Again…This Time Indefinitely

Well, it happened again, though this time feels a little bit different. Yes, Warner Bros. has once more delayed Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, his latest blockbuster film, making the announcement today. Obviously, the Coronavirus pandemic still leaves most movie theaters closed, with only some drive-in theater options really available. Clearly, that[...]

“The Rental” Is A Confident And Wildly Effective Directorial Debut For Dave Franco

Whenever an actor steps behind the camera, I’m always fascinated to see what they choose that first directorial project to be. Especially when they’re writing as well as directing, there’s a big-time curiosity factor about what kind of a movie they opt to craft. In the case of Dave Franco,[...]

The Top 25: Best Actor Winners

Welcome back to this series, ladies and gentlemen! This time around I’ll be tackling one of the biggest of the big eight categories in an effort not to save them all for very last, much like with last time around with Director. This one is arguably the second or third[...]

“Born To Play” Is A Groundbreaking Sports Documentary

Sports documentaries are, when they work, able to stir up something strong within you. The joy of victory and the agony of defeat are always cinematic, so when they can be depicted in a non-fiction format, focused on real competition, there’s strong potential on display. This weekend, a sports doc[...]

Updated Academy Award Predictions For The Middle Of July!

Here in the middle of July, one has the sense that the Oscars are a lifetime away. They may or may not be, depending on how the industry deals with the continuation of the Coronavirus pandemic, but if COVID-19 doesn’t have a say, we’re going to have an Academy Award[...]

“The Sunlit Night” Is Too Covered By Quirk

Quirky dramedies can be an absolute delight. Especially when the actor or actress in the lead role can react properly to the quirk on display, the possibilities for quality cinema are strong. Independent cinema is littered with examples of this. Unfortunately, the indie film world is also filled with efforts[...]

Publicist Lisa Goldberg Discusses Living And Working In New York City During COVID

Over the past several months, life has changed for literally every single American (and most citizens of the world). In particular, ever since COVID-19’s outbreak led to a lockdown being instituted in major cities, the way you live, work, and play (or used to play) was drastically altered. Living in[...]

Jeff Daniels Crafts One Of His Best Characters To Date In “Guest Artist”

It’s a real crime that Jeff Daniels doesn’t have more awards on his mantle. To date, he’s never won an Academy Award, or even been nominated for one. Throughout his career, he’s done Oscar-worthy work on multiple occasions, but the Academy has repeatedly snubbed him. Now, showcasing his talents in[...]