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Talking “Disconnected” With Creators Matthew Leutwyler And Anton Laines

During the extended COVID-19 quarantine we’ve all been dealing with, there’s no right or wrong way to handle things. Some people have been less productive (myself included) than others, but there are a handful of folks who are really taking their creativity to the next level while in isolation. Matthew[...]

Be Sure To Check Out All Of Our Emmy Contender Episodes Of The Hollywood News® Podcast!

LISTEN TO ALL OUR HOLLYWOOD NEWS PODCASTS A friendly reminder to you all…make sure you listen to the recent episodes of the Hollywood News Podcast, which have largely focused on Emmy contenders. Most are composers, but keep in mind, we also have an episode with director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, as well[...]

“The Old Guard” Brings A Rock-Solid Summer Blockbuster To Netflix

At least in 2020, going to the theater for a rollicking summer blockbuster is not a thing. It just isn’t. Part of the summer movie season is the feeling of watching a big budget flick with a cold drink, some popcorn, and the air-conditioning blasting as a refrain from the[...]

Carter Burwell Talks “The Morning Show,” “Space Force,” And More

For years, Carter Burwell has been one of the absolute best composers in the industry. Working with not just the Coen Brothers, but the best that Hollywood has to offer, Burwell has nearly done it all. For the longest time, he was shockingly without an Academy Award nominations, but the[...]

“We Are Little Zombies” Finds Surprising Influence In Video-Games

When you hear what We Are Little Zombies is about, the concept that it could have more than a little bit of influence from the world of video-games may come as a shock. After all, the story of a quartet of kids bonding over the mutual loss of their parents[...]

“Greyhound” Director Aaron Schneider Talks About Working With Tom Hanks And The Film’s Complex Technical Process

Director Aaron Schneider takes his time when choosing a project. As you’ll hear him detail in our interview today, he’s consistently passed up work that he couldn’t get excited for. After moving from cinematography to directing, he won an Academy Award for his Live-Action Short in Two Soldiers, followed by[...]

“The Beach House” Can’t Fully Accommodate Guests

Contained horror has an added bit of resonance right now. After all, many of us are still essentially stuck in our homes. Moreover, eco-horror is rather under-explored as a sub-genre of fright flicks. So, The Beach House enters with a few things in its favor. However, the genre offering, debuting[...]

Glen Ballard Chats About The Power Of Music And “The Eddy”

It’s hard not to appreciate the dedication and passion that Glen Ballard put into bringing The Eddy to life. A six-time Grammy Award winner, Ballard has made it his business to get this challenging and rewarding show before audiences. Along with Damien Chazelle, Jack Thorne, and of course, Netflix, he[...]

“Palm Springs” Is A Phenomenally Smart And Winning Romantic Comedy

The high concept romantic comedy seems to be a thing of the past. Whether it has to do with the cost of producing one, audience tastes, or just the changing of the times, a rom-com that mixes in something else tends to be rare. At least on the independent scene,[...]

Brian Tyler Stops By To Chat About “Yellowstone” And Working With Taylor Sheridan

Few composers in Hollywood are as busy as Brian Tyler is. Whether it’s film, television, or even video games, there’s always some form of media with Tyler’s music in it about to hit. Even right now, as the COVID-19 pandemic keeps the industry in limbo, he has several projects in[...]