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“Relic” Mixes Horror With Some Genuine Emotional Anguish

Elevated horror is all the rage these days. The genre goes through phases, to put it mildly. There’s always a new flavor for what audiences want to be scared by, whether it was slasher films, torture porn, J horror, or whatnot. Currently, the renaissance is in classy independent fright flicks.[...]

“Hamilton” Will Not Be Eligible For The Academy Awards

Just a few days ago, I pondered this very question. In light of Hamilton debuting to such huge acclaim (no surprise), thoughts of Oscar began dancing around folks’ heads. However, the question of whether it was eligible remained. Many, like myself, figured that it met the criteria but would meet[...]

Composer Rupert Gregson-Williams Talks “Catherine The Great” And Superheroes

Whether it’s superhero flicks like Aquaman or Wonder Woman, Adam Sandler projects, or prestige television fare like Catherine the Great, the work of composer Rupert Gregson-Williams is always rock solid and completely appropriate for the project. Not everyone can bounce from Abominable to The Crown to Hacksaw Ridge, just to[...]

R.I.P. Ennio Morricone

We’ve lost one of the greats. Academy Award winning composer Ennio Morricone has passed away at the age of 91. As we spend a lot of this week here at Hollywood News sharing interviews with composers, each and every single one of them owe a debt to Morricone. When it[...]

Marcelo Zarvos Discusses The Musical Language Of “The Loudest Voice”

One of the steadiest composers on the independent film scene is Marcelo Zarvos. No matter what subject the movie might be, Zarvos gives it a unique sound. Recently, he’s also lent his talents to the small screen, working on his most high profile project to date, Showtime’s Roger Ailes show[...]

Tom Hanks Patrols The Seas In “Greyhound”

It’s no secret that Tom Hanks has a strong interest in World War II. Beyond even his personal fascination with the subject, a number of his projects, both in front of the camera and behind it, have shown this to be true. Now, Hanks is back, serving as the star,[...]

Should “Hamilton” Be Up For Oscar Attention?

This weekend, the filmed version of the record breaking Broadway musical Hamilton finally came to the masses. Dropped on Disney Plus, Hamilton has quickly drawn rave reviews (including our own right here), leading to some awards speculation. Namely, is this eligible for Oscar attention? If so, will the Academy go[...]

Alex Heffes Chats About “The Elephant Queen” And Composing While In Quarantine

For over two decades, Alex Heffes has been a rock solid composer, turning in work that crosses genres, be it Academy Award winning fare like The Last King of Scotland or Inside Job, as well as his own Golden Globe nominated score for Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. With Heffes[...]

Trailer Drops For “An American Pickle” With Seth Rogen (Times Two)

Seth Rogen is one of the most reliable names in cinematic comedy. Even on the small screen, anything he creates or produces is almost certainly given an immediate stamp of quality. So, when he has a new project hitting, it’s fair to have a solid deal of confidence in it.[...]

Updated Academy Award Predictions For Early July!

Here in the beginning of July, the Oscars seem far off. After all, they’re two months further away than expect, as well as subject to not knowing how many films will actually be able to come out in between now and then. Still, the specter of an awards season looms[...]