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“Hamilton” Captivates On Screens Just As It Must Have On Stage

Who lives, who dies, who tells your story? When it comes to the life of Alexander Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda has proven to be an incredible storyteller. Everyone knows of the stage production Hamilton, but not everyone got a chance to see it. Well, come Friday, a filmed version drops on[...]

The Best Films And Performances Of The First Half Of 2020

Well, we’re halfway through one of the strangest movie years we’ve ever had. For someone who sees more than 300 films a year, not having been in a theater since early March is insane. Still, as you all know, I’ve still been seeing plenty of things, so my film count[...]

The Academy Has Invited 819 New Members!

Continuing their efforts to be a more inclusive group, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced their latest crop of membership invitations. More so than ever before, it’s a diverse bunch, with the Academy proclaiming that the 2020 class, assuming everyone accepts, would be 45% female, nearly[...]

Rod Lurie Discusses His Career And Personal Connection To “The Outpost”

A film critic turned filmmaker, Rod Lurie took a very unique path in getting behind the camera. Over the course of his career, Lurie has helmed movies that often have a political edge to them, including The Contender, Deterrence, and Nothing but The Truth, to name a few. These are[...]

The Sundance Film Festival Will Partly Be Held Online And In Nationwide Theaters In 2021

A standard during the start of a cinematic calendar, the Sundance Film Festival takes place in Park City, Utah, each and every January. Now, 2021 seems a long way off, but the fest is already starting to plan for how the latest edition of Sundance can still go on. Of[...]

“The Outpost” Presents The Reality Of War With Rod Lurie’s Dedicated Touch

The war in Afghanistan has not gotten much cinematic attention. Whether it’s because of films concentrating on the Iraq War more, the relatively recent nature of the conflict, or the inherent messiness of it all, there’s just a hole in the culture. Enter in Rod Lurie, who saw something in[...]

The Top 25: Best Director Winners

Well folks, it’s time for another of the big ones. Here we go again with another of these Top 25 articles today, and it’s certainly a major one. Yes, this time around I’ll be tackling one of the biggest of the big eight categories in an effort not to save[...]

Lesli Linka Glatter Returns To Talk The End Of “Homeland” And Her Work On The DGA’s COVID Task Force

Back in February, one of our very first guests on the Hollywood News podcast was director Lesli Linka Glatter (the episode can be found here). She was such a delight, that it only made sense to invite her back as one of our returning champions! Plus, not only has her[...]

“Mulan” Gets Postponed By Disney Until Late August

Once again, the dominos begin to fall. Following yesterday’s news that Warner Bros. was moving Christopher Nolan’s big tentpole Tenet once again, from July 31st to August 12th, most of us figured it was only a matter of time before Disney followed suit. After all, no one seems to want[...]

The Toronto International Film Festival Announces Part Of Their Hybrid Lineup For 2020

Beyond just movies having to abandon release dates, the current pandemic striking the world is having an effect on numerous parts of the industry. One such element, which we spoke about with filmmaker, journalist, and publicist John Wildman on a recent podcast episode (found here), is the world of film[...]