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Are We About To See “Godzilla vs. Kong” Go The Streaming Route?

2020 has been a tough year for blockbusters. Basically, almost any big budget film has moved to next year or opted to debut on a streamer. Even some of the potential 2021 titles are starting to think about this, with COVID-19 still an issue and theaters likely to stay partially[...]

Go To “The Prom” With This Trailer For Netflix’s Latest

While plenty of us were concerned with turkey, Netflix was hard at work yesterday promoting their upcoming film, The Prom. Adapted from the hit Broadway musical of the same name, Ryan Murphy’s flick hopes to be a joyful experience next month for audiences, and the streaming service is putting that[...]

Happy Thanksgiving To One And All!

Friends, I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving today! It’s undoubtedly going to be a different kind of a day than usual for everyone, but we can get through it. The entire year has seen COVID-19 impact our daily lives, as well as other holidays. If you’re[...]

“No Time to Die” Made An Appearance Within The Grammy Nominations

If you weren’t paying attention yesterday when the Grammy Award nominations were announced (understandable, if you’re more into film than music), something interesting happened. Sure, Beyoncé led the nominations, with Taylor Swift not far behind, but movie fans might have noticed an interesting nomination. It was Billie Eilish getting nominated[...]

Hollywood News® Quote Featured In “Our Friend” Trailer!

Whenever a flick debuts at a film festival and then takes a year to come out, people can suspect the worst. Well, I’m here to tell you that Our Friend is an exception to that. I saw the movie back when it was going by The Friend as its title,[...]

Jessica Chastain’s “The 355” Is The Next Film To Delay Its Release Date By A Whole Year

Hardly a week goes by where a movie doesn’t opt to move out of their current theatrical release window. The reasons remain obvious. COVID-19 still rages around the world, and particularly the United States, so with theaters largely crippled, releasing anything is a big risk. For many distributors and studios,[...]

Quentin Tarantino’s Next Project Is A Novelization Of “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”

Some of you might have missed this earlier in the week, but my favorite bit of film news actually concerns a book. Of course, it’s a book based on an Academy Award winning movie, and comes from an Oscar winning filmmaker, but still. Yes, if you missed it, word came[...]

Regina King’s “One Night In Miami…” Releases A Trailer

Earlier on in the week, Amazon Studios dropped a Trailer for Regina King’s directorial debut, One Night in Miami…The movie is a dramatized look at an amazing evening spent between four huge historical figures. Since its film festival debut, King and the cast have gotten raves, with massive Oscar attention[...]

“Wonder Woman 1984” Will Be Available On HBO Max This December!

On Wednesday, Warner Bros. made an announcement that makes a lot of sense, but not everyone in the industry expected to see. Not only is WB committing to releasing Wonder Woman 1984 this year, they’re doing it in multiple ways, including a theatrical run and a streaming one as well.[...]

Nominations For The First Ever Critics Choice Super Awards Have Been Announced!

Today brought the inaugural nominations for the Critics Choice Super Awards. As a voting member of the Critics Choice Association, seeing this list of nominees is a welcome reminder that there’s still been a wonderful assortment of films released in 2020. Of course, there are tons of Oscar contenders to[...]