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“7500” Cinematographer Sebastian Thaler And Production Designer Thorsten Sabel Discuss The Look Of The Film

Often lost in the shuffle of making a quality film are the crew. While a director and the cast get most of the credit, followed by the writer, below the line talent don’t often get their due. When they do, it’s mostly limited to the cinematography and the score. What[...]

“Mope” Looks For Laughs In A Porn Industry Tragedy

There aren’t many stories as grody as the one being told in Mope. For those who don’t know the true tale, I’ll keep the salacious details to be discovered, but for those who know what this film is about, it isn’t hard to imagine the avenues being taken here. While[...]

The 93rd Academy Awards Have Been Pushed Back From February To April!

There you have it, folks. After rumors started swirling a while back that a change or postponement to the Oscars was in the works, yesterday a more thorough bit of speculation began. Sources said that a meeting today among the powers that be at the Academy was being held, for[...]

“7500” Is A Tense Ride With Joseph Gordon-Levitt At The Controls

Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t generally who you think of as an action hero. Sure, he’s been in some action-centric pictures, but he’s more someone you pinpoint in other genres. While you might think of that as a negative when considering that he’s the lead in 7500, it’s actually a massive compliment,[...]

Oscar Ceremony To Be Postponed?

It probably won’t come as a huge surprise to anyone, but it turns out that the Academy Awards are not immune to the whole release date musical chairs game that has been going on since March, when the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Over the past few months, every major tentpole has[...]

Friendly Reminder: Listen To The Hollywood News® Podcast!

LISTEN TO ALL OUR HOLLYWOOD NEWS PODCASTS Happy Sunday, ladies and gentlemen! Once more, before we get down to business of self promotion, it’s important to remember what’s important during times like these. I do sincerely hope all of you are staying safe and sane, despite what’s going on in[...]

“Infamous” Wants To Be A Crime Tale For The Social Media Age

We live during a time where every single aspect of our daily existence can be documented on Social Media. There are celebrities who are only famous for being famous, or through being an “influencer” on sites like Instagram. Criminals are even caught because they brag about their crimes on Social[...]

Bill Nighy Gets A Low-Key Showcase With “Sometimes Always Never”

There are few more enjoyable actors to watch than Bill Nighy. He always just seems to be having a good time, mellow and easy-going. It’s rare that a filmmaker gives him a starring role, but he has close to one here in Sometimes Always Never, a film that’s been on[...]

“Wonder Woman 1984” Moves Its Release Date To October

Once one domino fell, it seemed likely that more would be coming, and Warner Bros. had wasted no time, in that regard. Not long after Christopher Nolan’s Tenet was swapped to the back half of July, the WB has tinkered with the spot for their other big summer blockbuster (or[...]

Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” Moves Its Release Date To Later In July

Even the juggernaut known as Tenet has proven to not be immune to the release date chaos cause by COVID-19 and the Coronavirus pandemic. After insisting for some time that Christopher Nolan’s latest would not be delayed, Warner Bros. has in fact announced a change in the July 17th date.[...]