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“The King Of Staten Island” Is An Absolute Gem From Judd Apatow And Pete Davidson

Judd Apatow knows talent when he sees it. For years, he has made a career out of giving cinematic showcases to comedians. Whether it was Steve Carell in The 40 Year Old Virgin, Seth Rogen in Knocked Up, or Amy Schumer in Trainwreck, he’s shined the spotlight on them, launching[...]

“Showgirls” Gets The Documentary Treatment With “You Don’t Nomi”

Why would anyone want to make a documentary about the film, as well as the legacy of, Showgirls? Well, according to You Don’t Nomi, there’s a multitude of reasons. The doc, opening on Tuesday, doesn’t always provide the most compelling of arguments, but it does have its heart in the[...]

The Top 25: Best International Feature Winners

Alright, ladies and gentlemen. Here we go again with another Top 25 today. This time around I’ll be taking a break from the technical categories (partially because there’s only one more of those left to hit), this time going with a mini-major, as it were. What would that be, you[...]

Filmmaker And Publicist John Wildman Chats About The Current State Of The Indie Film Festival World

If you don’t know the name John Wildman, you’re missing out. Not only is he a talented filmmaker, Wildman is currently a journalist, as well as one of the most passionate film publicists out there. In particular, his work on film festivals, both big and small, is truly noteworthy. With[...]

“Judy & Punch” Puts A Spin On The Puppet Show But Lacks A True North

Have you ever wondered about the old Punch and Judy puppet shows? Probably not, but still, the new film Judy and Punch hopes that you at least have pondered the time period that produced those violent puppet shows. For better or worse (in equal measure, frankly), the movie takes on[...]

Elisabeth Moss Brings Shirley Jackson To Unsettling Life With “Shirley”

The author Shirley Jackson led a fascinating life. A full on biopic of Jackson would certainly be worth exploring. However, filmmaker Josephine Decker has something far different and far more unsettling up her sleeve with Shirley, a psychological thriller more so than anything else. That being said, if this is[...]

Kevin James Takes A Villainous Turn In The Mean-Spirited “Becky”

Comedians going dark can sometimes lead to a real cinematic discovery. They don’t even need to necessarily go dark, but to show another side of themselves is often a joy to witness. Look no further than Adam Sandler’s revelatory turn last year in Uncut Gems, continuing what he’s been able[...]

Cannes Film Festival Selections For 2020 Include “Ammonite,” “The French Dispatch,” And “Soul”

A bit earlier today, in lieu of the actual fest (canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, of course), the Cannes Film Festival announced what their Official Selections would have been. Of course, these movies won’t actually be playing at Cannes, but they will be showing at other festivals around the[...]

“Hammer” Can’t Quite Leave An Impact

Prodigal sons, tough fathers, and the extreme situations that bring them back together once more are nothing new onscreen. It’s a tried and true dramatic formula. Hammer is the latest to give it a shot, crafting a film that mixes drama elements with thriller moments (basically falling under the crime[...]

Updated Academy Award Predictions For Early June!

In normal years, the start of June would signal an interesting point to check in on the Oscar race. Were there any summer blockbusters that could potentially make an awards play? Which early year releases have staying power? Normally, we’d have the Cannes Film Festival having established some possible players.[...]